Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities – Li Yifeng, Yukee Chen

Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities is an ancient fantasy drama directed by You Dazhi, starring Li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi, co-starring Zheng Yecheng, Yang Zhiwen, Liu Haikuan, Ye Shengjia, and Liu Chang.

Based on the novel of the same title by Cang Yue, the drama tells the story of Na Sheng, an enthusiastic and cheerful young girl from Zhongzhou, who travels long distances to find her dream home, the world of Yunhuang, in order to escape from the chaotic world.


Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities

English Title: Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities
Chinese Title: 镜·双城
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 47
Duration: 45 min.
Director: You Dazhi
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Gcoo Entertainment
Broadcasting website: WeTV, Viki, Croton MEGA HIT(Youtube)
Released date: January 16, 2022


Yang Zhiwen Yang Zhiwen as Na Sheng
Ye Shengjia Ye Shengjia as Yan Xi
Liu Chang Liu Chang as Xi Jing
Tan Kai Tan Kai as Qing Wang Chen
Wang Yuanke Wang Yuanke as Ru Yi
Tang Mengjia Tang Mengjia as Bai Lin
Zhao Yaoke Zhao Yaoke as Hong Luan


Since ancient times, the legend says that the right hand of God created the world of Yunhuang.

Thousands of years, the alternation between the God of destruction and the God of creation, the replacement of several countries in the world of Yunhuang, telling the story about scions of fate.


Years later, everything has become a legend, the world of Yunhuang has also become a dream home.


In order to escape from the chaotic world, the cheerful Hmong girl Na Sheng travels long distances to find her dream home, the world of Yunhuang, where she is rescued by Su Mo, but the world of Yunhuang is not a wonderland.

Along with every step she takes into the world of Yunhuang, a scene of strange and thrilling stories is staged, and all kinds of legendary characters with distinctive personalities come into play.

With the rebirth of the Sea King and the establishment of the Alliance of the Air Sea, the wheel of destiny between the three countries begins to turn quietly.

The God of Destruction comes out, the Mou Bai Tower falls, the seven seas reverses, and everything is bleak forever.

They have to make great efforts to go back to the original place, to be free under the blue sea and sky, away from all the war and strife.

Witnessing the death of the gods, a wildflower will finally bloom in the wilderness, far away from the wind, farther than far away.

He will go to the world of Yunhuang with his lover to start a new life.

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