Most CARATs Have Never Seen This Acting Work By SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

Ever since debut, SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan has been renowned for his absolutely angelic visuals.

Jeonghan | @PRINCE_JEONGHAN/Twitter

Most fans know that Jun was a child actor, but what many don’t know is that Jeonghan also once had an acting gig back in the day. It wasn’t as big as Mingyu‘s appearance in a Thai web drama or DK‘s leading role in a musical, but it happened well before either of those did!

DK for his musical “Excalibur” | EMK Musical Company

What did Jeonghan act in, you ask? It was actually a music video for the song “PLAYBACK” by Kiggen. In the video, Jeonghan plays the ex-lover of a woman who continues to see visions of him through her phone.

Jeonghan in the “PLAYBACK” music video | 1theK/YouTube


This video was released back in 2015, only 2 months after the group’s debut. At the time, Jeonghan still had his iconic long hair, and his fresh and youthful face made him the perfect candidate for the longed-for-ex.


Jeonghan in 2015 | PRINCE_JEONGHAN/Twitter

Though his cameo isn’t huge, he still gives his all in the performance of a doting boyfriend who you can’t help but want back.

Jeonghan in the “Playback” music video | 1theK/YouTube

They truly made the right choice in casting Jeonghan for this part!

Fans of Jeonghan will know that he was actually scouted by Pledis Entertainment on his way to acting school, so he may have been excited to get this kind of opportunity.


Though it’s been quite a while now, we can’t help but wonder if Jeonghan will ever do anything like this in the future. After all, since he’s only gotten even more gorgeous over the years, it would be a shame to keep him hidden!

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