Mouse (2021) Cast & Summary

“Mouse” is a crime mystery thriller of the cable channel tvN.

Popular actor Lee SeungGi (“The King 2 Hearts”, “Gu Family Book”, “A Korean Odyssey”, “Vagabond”) is acting with Lee HeeJoon (“Legend of the Blue Sea”, “Mistress”), Park JuHyun (“Extracurricular”, “Zombie Detective”), and Kyung SooJin (“Weightlifting Kim BokJoo”, “Meloholic”, “Train”). Park JuHyun and Kyung SooJin are rising actress recognized for their good acting.

The writer Choi Ran previously worked on “Black”, “God’s Gift: 14 Days”, “Iljimae”, etc.

Mouse (2021)


  • Title: Mouse / 마우스
  • Director: Choi JunBae
  • Writer: Choi Ran
  • Network: tvN
  • Runtime: From March 3
  • # of Episodes: 20
  • Genre: Thriller, Action, Crime
  • Language: Korean


A full-fledged human hunter chase in which Jung BaReum, a right young man and a local police officer, and the lawless detective Ko MooChi who has lost his parents to a murderer when he was young and who is seeking revenge are confronting the most vicious predator part of the top 1 percent of psychopaths.


Lee SeungGi as Jung BaReum

Jung BaReum is a new police officer who is so kind that it is hard to believe there is such a human living in this world. While chasing the serial killer who terrorized the whole country, he encountered an unexpected special event and that changed his entire life.


Lee HeeJoon as Ko MooChi

Ko MooChi is a detective. It is hard to tell if he is in the police or if he is a criminal. His goal in life is to take revenge on the murderer who killed his parents by entering the prison he is held. He has a clear vision of why he is working as a detective and hates criminals.

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Park JuHyun as Oh BongYi

Oh BongYi is talented in sports, there are no martial arts she can’t do. She met Jung BaReum when they were together in the third year of high school.

Kyung SooJin as Choi HongJoo

Choi HongJoo is a capable PD for current events programs. She has a secret that made her bound to be selected from the murderer since her young age to work with him.


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