“Moving” Actor Lee Jung Ha Set to Star in an Exciting New Drama Adaptation of a Popular Webtoon “ONE: High School Heroes”

Actor Lee Jung Ha, the rising star of the hit Disney+ series “Moving,” will once again star in a new drama based on the hit webtoon, “ONE: High School Drama” (literal).

Following “Moving,” Actor Lee Jung Ha to Lead in Exciting New Webtoon-based Drama “ONE: High School Heroes”

Actor Lee Jung Ha in "Moving" Korean drama | Disney+
Actor Lee Jung Ha in “Moving” Korean drama | Disney+

On August 23, OSEN reported that Lee Jung Ha will feature in the new Korean drama “ONE: High School Heroes.” Namoo Actors, Lee Jung Ha’s agency, confirmed the news. They shared that the filming process for the show has already been completed.

Lee Jung Ha is known for his remarkable portrayal in the popular Disney+ series “Moving.” The rookie actor is now gearing up for an exciting venture. He will star in the highly anticipated drama “ONE: Highschool Heroes.” Based on a captivating webtoon, this thrilling series promises to captivate viewers. In addition, with its gripping storyline, it will create a lasting impression.

Director Lee Sung Tae, known for the Kmovie “Quantum Physics,” directed the 8 episodes of the series. Additionally, the actor worked with Lim Hyun Tae and Kim Joo Ryoung.

New Webtoon-based Drama “ONE: High School Heroes”

The live adaptation of “ONE: High School Heroes” is a drama that follows the journey of a model student, Kim Eui Gyeom. He finds himself caught in domestic violence and school bullying. Furthermore, a group of school gangsters kidnaps him, placing him in an unfortunate circumstance. This experience prompted him to make a life-changing decision and form a group with others to stand up against school violence and protect the victims.

Lee Jung Ha in Disney+ “Moving”

Han Hyo Jo, Jo In Sung, and Lee Jung Ha. | News1
Han Hyo Jo, Jo In Sung, and Lee Jung Ha. | News1

“Moving” is an action series that revolves around children with secret superpowers and parents with hidden pasts. Lee JungHa has gained immense popularity for his charm and acting skills in portraying Kim Bong Seok. In addition, viewers have also fallen for his undeniable chemistry with his co-stars. Hence, Kdrama fans eagerly anticipate his new role in the upcoming drama “ONE: High School Heroes.” 


Debuted in 2018, Lee Jung Ha has made a name for himself with notable appearances in popular Kdramas. Some of them were “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung,” “Run On,” and “Nevertheless.” His rising popularity and undeniable talent have created high anticipation among fans. Therefore, many Kdrama fans can’t wait for the release of “ONE: High School Heroes.”


Are you excited to see Lee Jung Ha in the upcoming new drama “ONE: High School Heroes”? Please feel free to express your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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