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Moving Episodes 16 and 17 Recap and Review: The War Between North and South Korean Superhumans Begin!

Moving Episodes 16 and 17 Recap and Review: Directed by Park In-je and written by Kang Full, who also wrote the webcomic on which the series is based, Moving is a sci-fi mystery action-thriller Korean drama series starring Lee Jung-ha, Kim Do-hoon, Ko Yoon-jung, Han Hyo-joo, Ryu Seung-ryong, Zo In-sung and Kwak Sun-young in lead roles. The 20-part series released 7 episodes on August 9, 2023, each with 50-60 minutes runtime. Every Wednesday, the show will air two episodes and wrap the series with three episodes on September 20, 2023.

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The sci-fi drama (무빙) follows three students, Kim Bong-seok, Jang Hee-soo and Lee Gang-hoon, who have special powers that they must keep hidden from the outside world. The special powers, which include that of flight (Bong-seok), academic brilliance & regenerative healing (Hee-soo) and uncanny power & speed (Gang-hoon), passed down from their parents can and might be used by unsavoury individuals. As the students try to navigate teenage and the pressures of school while juggling with their powers, the parents try their best to keep their children safe away from prying eyes.

Lee Jung-ha was last seen in 2021’s Nevertheless, Do-hoon’s last venture was 2022’s The Law Cafe, and Yoon-jung was last seen in 2022’s Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow and Alchemy of Souls.

– Moving Episodes 16 and 17 Review Contains Spoilers –

Moving Episodes 16 and 17 Recap

Moving Episode 16 starts with Gye-do stopping the bus at the police station. The North Korean infiltrator quickly escapes. At the school, when Mi-hyun asks Choi Il-hwan about his teaching career he reminisces about his days working at the school. The viewers are then shown a flashback of Il-hwan assisting the NDTP project and becoming a PE teacher at the school to train super kids. Years after years, he comes across various students and ultimately settles into the teacher job. When he meets Gye-do, he believes he will shine with his electric power.

Though Gye-do has the superpower, he fails to use/control it. Hence the principal, Mr. Raehyuk makes some school bullies attack Gye-do to see whether he can use his potential. But sadly, he gets beaten and Il-hwan labels him unqualified. After some more years, Naju’s daughter Se-eun catches Il-hwan’s eyes as she has the potential to see through like her mother.


Since she trusts Il-hwan, she reveals her secret to him and they start practicing. Meanwhile, Naju insists she doesn’t proceed with the power as she doesn’t want her daughter to lead the life she led. During practice, Se-eun faints and unfortunately she passes away due to cancer. This puts a toll on Il-hwan and he slowly starts disliking his secret agent job as he has fallen for the teacher role and loves all his students.

Moving Episodes 16 and 17 Review Still 1
A still from the series “Moving”

Raehyuk then assigns an assistant, Sung-wook for Il-hwan as more super kids, precisely, Bong-seok, Hee-soo and Gang-hoon are joining. He asks Il-hwan to have his eyes on Bong-seok. Back to the present day, Ju-won enters the homeroom teacher’s cabin and looks at Mi-hyun. They both simply avoid each other’s gaze to avoid suspicion. Mi-hyun throws her phone inside the room’s bin to hear the conversation and hints about the hidden CCTV to Ju-won before leaving.

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Meanwhile, in the principal room, the cleaning lady comes and kills Sung-wook. It’s revealed she is one of the North Korean agents. Ju-won and Il-hwan have a conversation. Ju-won understands that Il-hwan had no idea that he was being watched. When he asks about his true identity the viewers see a flashback where Ju-won saves Il-hwan at the military operation.

Mi-hyun hears the conversation of the female North Korean agent and goes to the principal office. Meanwhile, the North Korean agents and the troupe leader enter the school.

Moving Episodes 16 and 17 Review Still 3
A still from the series “Moving”

In Moving episode 17, Bong-seok and Hee-soo go to the sports gym to practise. When Bong-seok leaves to get juice, the North Korean agent breaks in and starts fighting with Hee-soo. Bong-seok who has inherited his mother’s powers as well, hears Hee-soo whimpering. He then decides to save her. Surprisingly, Bong-seok breaks in flying and saves Hee-soo from falling down. At the school, Mi-hyun and the lady fight and Mi-hyun escapes through the window to shut all the CCTVs.

The North Korean army officer and the other agents barge into Il-hwan’s room and ask him for the files. This is because their mission is to retrieve the file consisting the data of all superkids. Il-hwan and Ju-won start fighting them. When they hear Ki-soo yelling for help, Il-hwan leaves to protect his student. Ju-won gets beaten to a pulp by the North Korean superhuman. Mi-hyun kills the woman and overhears the North Korean army officer mentioning Doo-sik’s name.

Meanwhile, at the gym, Hee-soo and Bong-seok try their best to fight off the agent. Another North Korean superhuman finds Gang-hoon and starts attacking him when he was on a call with his mother. His mother instantly tells about Gang-hoon’s condition to her husband, the superhuman Jae-man, and he runs to the school to save his son.

Moving Episodes 16 and 17 Review Still 4
A still from the series “Moving”

Moving Episodes 16 and 17 Review

With all three parents at the school, left with the North Korean agents and the students, who will save Hee-so and Bong-seok from the other infiltrator? This is maybe where Doo-sik might come to save his son. Or probably Mi-hyun will find them both before it’s alte. Either way, the upcoming episodes will be highly intense and intriguing since it marks the season’s finale.

All superhumans including the parents and the kids will join to ward off the North Koreans. Additionally, Mr. Min will be in grave danger for the mission he has put out without the parents’ consent. So far the episodes are thrilling and extremely well-done. Hopefully, the finale will be a banger.

Moving is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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