MrBeast Sparks Debate As He Overtook Pewdiepie As Most-Subscribed Youtuber

The longest run of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka Pewdiepie, as the most-subscribed Youtube channel to be run by an individual, has reached its end. This comes after a decade of him being the number one Youtuber since 2013.

November 14th saw MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson overtaking Pewdiepie’s subscriber count with 111,851,893 on his channel. Before this achievement, MrBeast had tweeted on November 12 with a screenshot of his then-subscriber count. He wrote, “WHAT ARE THE ODDS I RANDOMLY OPEN YOUTUBE TO 111,111,111 SUBSCRIBERS AT EXACTLY 11:11 ON NOVEMBER 11th???” 

The Youtuber further made a follow-up tweet and showed a bunch of tickets for the North Carolina Powerball lottery. He informed his fans that he bought 1,111 tickets and something makes him feel like he will win. After he crossed Pewds, fans are now comparing the journey, arguing who still remains the best.

A fan wrote that Pewdiepie is more impressive because he did it solo, and MrBeast is basically a company. Another expressed that Pewdiepie has been the most-subscribed for 9 years and 3 months by being himself and sitting at his desk. The user also praised MrBeast because he started in a similar fashion.

A fan wrote that both of them are incredible but Pewdiepie is the better content creator, funnier and “wholesome”. Another fan pointed out the time Pewdiepie made a video about hoping MrBeast would surpass him as he thought he deserves it the most.


A loyal fan tweeted that an era is over while another begins. The fan stated how their childhood was entirely Pewdiepie and they have watched him to this day. Many others congratulated MrBeast while praising Pewdiepie.

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