“Music Bank In Chile” Cancelled Midway Through Due To Safety Concerns

On November 12 local time, “Music Bank in Chile” was cancelled halfway through the event due to dangerous weather conditions.

Tonight’s concert in Santiago marked the first “Music Bank” world tour stop in three years, following a hiatus due to COVID-19—but it came to an early end because of heavy rain and hail.

Before TXT, ATEEZ, and NCT DREAM could take the stage for their scheduled performances, the organizers officially announced that the rest of the concert had been cancelled due to safety concerns.

While it was raining from the very beginning of the concert, “Music Bank in Chile” chose to go on with the show for the sake of the crowd of over 50,000 fans in attendance. However, following STAYC’s and THE BOYZ’s performances, the weather became progressively worse, to the point where it was nearly impossible for the singers to keep their eyes open during (G)I-DLE’s performance.

Due to the pouring rain and hail, (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua even slipped and fell while performing “LATATA.”

In the end, (G)I-DLE left the stage early due to the worsening weather. While they were unable to perform, TXT, ATEEZ, and NCT DREAM all took the stage to greet their fans, thank them for coming, and apologize for not being able to show them the performances they’d prepared.

Afterwards, NCT DREAM’s Jisung wrote to his fans, “To everyone who came to ‘Music Bank,’ please be careful not to catch a cold,” adding regretfully, “When we went [on stage] for our greetings, there were so many fans who were crying that I felt terrible…”

Meanwhile, TXT’s Yeonjun wrote in Spanish on Twitter, “I wanted to show you an amazing performance. I’m really sorry. Next time, I will show you a great performance. I’m sorry, and I’m grateful to the fans who have been waiting for us. And I love you.”

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