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Drama Info:

Title: My Girl (99分女朋友) 99 Fen Nu Peng You
Episodes: 24
Release Date: June 17, 2020
Film Location: China
Summary: The drama tells the story of healing scars with love between scarred makeup artist Meng Hui and Shen Yi, the most stingy president in history.

Plot Synoposis:

As a child, she was accidentally injured by him. The incident left a scar on her face, and he escaped the responsibility because of cowardice. The two bore the scars and grew independently apart.

Years later they meet again. She is makeup artist Meng Hui, and she thinks Shen Yi is a small employee of cosmetics company LS.

A beauty show lets them know each other formally. Meng Hui learns that he is the president of LS. After being unexpectedly stimulated, Meng Hui declares herself as the president’s girlfriend.

It turns out that Meng Hui suffers from delusions. In order to get the formula of Meng Hui’s homemade liquid foundation, Shen Yi goes along with the act and pretends to be her boyfriend.

After sobering, Meng Hui is apologetic and escapes Shen Yi’s world. Shen Yi finds that he was the initiator of Meng An’s scars, and he’s willing to give everything to keep Meng An and make up for his past mistakes.

Stimulated by love rivals, Meng Hui is triggered by delusions once again and turns into LS’ boss, almost messing up Shen Yi’s career.

No matter what role Meng Hui wants to assume, Shen Yi does not give up his efforts to cooperate. When Meng Hui learns that Shen Yi was the one who hurt her, how will they heal the hurt between them?

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Cast & Characters:
Zhao Yi Qin

Zhao Yi Qin 赵弈钦 as Shen Yi 沈亿
The most stingy president in history. The company invests in a product line but loses money. They want to develop a liquid foundation that can cover scars, and finds the girl who he injured by mistake as a child is the answer to his problems.

Li Jia Qi

Li Jia Qi 厉嘉琪 as Meng Hui 孟茴
A blogger and makeup artist, she is a popular beauty tester. A campus accident left a shadowy scar on her face.

Supporting Characters
Pu Tao

Pu Tao 蒲萄 as A Tao 阿桃
A psychologist. She exudes a more domineering character, and always provides assistance immediately for Meng Hui. At the beginning, A Tao only uses the liquid foundation formula as bait to let Yin Hang cooperate with Meng Hui and cure her scars.

Su Ze Lin

Su Ze Lin 苏泽林

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Airing Schedule

Start: June 17, 2020
Frequency: 2 episodes every Wednesday and Thursday
End: July 23, 2020

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