Mystery of Antiques – 古董局中局 (2018)

Other name: Gu Dong Ju Zhong Ju, Mystery of Antiques Season 1
Category:China Drama 2019
Genre(s):Suspense, Mystery
Release:Dec 26, 2018 – Feb 1, 2019 Runtime: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Episode(s):36 Status: Ep36 END Country: China
Broadcast:QQLive Language: Chinese Subtitle: English
Cast:Xia Yu, Qiao Zhen Yu, Cai Wen Jing, Tanaka Chie

Xu Yuan is an ordinary antique shop owner. One day, a visitor lets him know that he’s involved in a conspiracy he could never have imagined: A legendary treasure is actually linked to him in many ways and a mysterious office has already arranged his fate. He embarks on a dangerous journey to clear his family’s name and tear down a counterfeiting organization.

An antique shop is at the core of a mystery as its owner who hails from a family that has long been dabbling in the trade becomes embroiled with old secrets from jianghu. An unexpected visitor pays a visit to Xu Yuan (Xia Yu) and takes him into a dream where a conspiracy is brewing. He finds that a treasured artefact that can only be heard in legends may have personal connections to him and that a scheme from decades ago has everything to do with his fate. Even at the cost of his life, Xu Yuan uses his skills to pit wits and will against the powers from a long time ago.


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