N.Flying’s Kim JaeHyun Attracts Attention Once Again For His Incredible Performance In Zombie J-Drama “Love You As The World Ends”

A J-Drama that is recently garnering attention from a global audience, “Love You As The World Ends”, is now on K-Pop fans’ radar, and here’s why!

A drama that tells the story of survival amidst a zombie outbreak, “Love You As The World Ends” (Season 1) is currently the 23rd most popular TV show on Netflix worldwide, as per data retrieved on February 7, 2022, from FlixPatrol. The series currently has 2 seasons, with the third season set to be released on February 25, 2022.

The reason why K-Pop fans are especially excited about the newfound success of the drama is that N.Flying member and actor Kim JaeHyun is a part of the leading cast and he does an absolutely fantastic job as Yoon MinJun.

Spoiler Alert!

Kim JaeHyun plays two completely different characters in seasons 1 and 2 of “Love You As The World Ends” and it is clear from his brilliant portrayal of such multifaceted and complex characters that he is one of the brightest actors of this generation, not just among idols but in the industry at large. In addition, JaeHyun performed all of his action scenes himself, demonstrating immense dedication, talent, and skill, which was appreciated by viewers and critics alike.

After appearing in both the seasons of “Love You As The World Ends” JaeHyun will be returning for the third season, which is exciting news for both fans of the idol and his characters.

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