Nam Tae Hoon Makes An Extreme Decision To Fulfill Won Ji An’s Request In “If You Wish Upon Me”

Nam Tae Hoon will have to make a serious decision for Won Ji An’s sake in the upcoming episode of “If You Wish Upon Me”!

KBS 2TV’s “If You Wish Upon Me” is a drama inspired by an actual organization in the Netherlands that fulfills the wishes of terminal cancer patients. Ji Chang Wook stars as Yoon Gyeo Re, a man who has been pushed to his limits by a difficult life full of struggles. However, when he winds up having to volunteer at a hospice, he finds his life changing in unexpected ways while helping to make the patients’ wishes come true.

Won Ji An plays Ha Jun Kyung, the human embodiment of a black swan who becomes obsessed with Yoon Gyeo Re after he lends her a helping hand for the first time in her life.

Previously, Yoon Gyeo Re chose to be with Seo Yeon Joo (Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung) over Ha Jun Kyung, leaving her to fall into deep despair and try to take her own life by jumping off a building. Once Ha Jun Kyung is taken to the hospital for her severe injuries, Jang Seok Joon (Nam Tae Hoon) sweetly devotes himself to protecting her and becoming her caregiver. The two start to grow closer but once Ha Jun Kyung realizes Jang Seok Joon’s feelings for her, she asks that he kill both her and Yoon Gyeo Rae.

In the new stills, Ha Jun Kyung nears the end of her life while Jang Seok Joon is left in a precarious situation. In Ha Jun Kyung’s silent and still hospital room, the two sit far apart with Jang Seok Joon sadly hunched over. In the tense atmosphere, Ha Jun Kyung’s eyes look empty as if she’s given up entirely, while Jang Seok Joon’s discouraged shoulders depict the weight of all the sadness he bears.


However, the last photo shows Jang Seok Joon with an awakened spirit as he looks$ determined. As if he’s made a firm decision, Jang Seok Joon starts opening a fuel container, hinting at an extreme disaster to come.

Ahead of the new episode, the producers shared, “In Episode 13, please pay attention to see what kind of last-resort decision Jang Seok Joon makes after finding himself in an out-of-control relationship with Ha Jun Kyung. We plan to unfold unpredictable twists until the very end so please look forward to it lots.”

This episode of “If You Wish Upon Me” airs on September 21 at 9:50 p.m. KST!

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