NCTzens React To NCT Jaehyun’s Unexpected Appearance On Kanye West’s Instagram

NCTzens celebrated NCT Jaehyun‘s 25th birthday on February 14 with some hashtags that got Jaehyun trending worldwide. But in a surprising turn of events, Jaehyun somehow got ‘caught in the middle’ of American rapper Kanye West‘s social media rants against his soon to be ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, and her new boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson—and ended up making a cameo appearance on Kanye West’s Instagram.

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This led many NCTzens to react hilariously to the news, pointing out the crazy circumstances in which Jaehyun made his unexpected “debut” on Kanye West’s Instagram. Kanye West’s divorce from Kim Kardashian has been a tumultuous affair, and the rapper has had many things to say about it on social media, many of which were so crazy that many people assumed he had been hacked (which he denied in a now deleted Instagram post).

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On February 13, Kanye West went on Instagram once again to post a screenshot of the global trends…

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… with yet another angry message about Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.


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But of course, what got NCTzens’ attention is the fact that #EveryValentineWithJaehyun, one of Jaehyun’s birthday hashtags, was very prominently featured in Kanye’s post.

NCTzens lost no time in giving some of the best reactions, with one fan joking, “Jaehyun forced to become Kim and Kanye’s mediator,” and another, “Does Jaehyun know Kanye wished him a happy birthday.”

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Some fans were understandably questioning what was going on…

…while others hilariously called for Jaehyun to be freed from the drama.

And some even joked about how this is just classic NCT— always showing up unexpectedly in crazy situations.

One thing is for sure, and that is that no one would have expected a member of NCT to feature in Kanye West’s Instagram quite in this fashion, but the result is admittedly too funny. Especially since some fans wondered what Jaehyun thought when he woke up to see himself involved in Kanye West’s posts, even referencing an edit Kanye posted featuring other celebrities photoshopped onto a Marvel movie poster…

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Hopefully Jaehyun also found the unexpected situation amusing. Happy birthday to Jaehyun! We hope he’s been able to enjoy his day and we wish him all the best.

Source: Yahoo News and Buzzfeed

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