Netizens Are Shocked To Find Out The Newest YG Signee… Is Actually A Virtual AI Star


Whether you like it or not, virtual influencers are becoming a thing in a world where technology always seems to be advancing. No matter if they are seen on our screens or even on the stage, in some instances, they are slowly becoming part of society.

YG Entertainment‘s subsidiary label YG KPlus, a model management company, recently shocked fans after announcing that its latest signee was none other than a virtual influencer Han Yoo Ah.

Virtual AI star Han Yoo Ah | YG Entertainment

In 2021, Smilegate revealed their newest digital human, Han Yoo Ah, the female protagonist of the virtual reality game ‘Focus On You,’ which was released in 2019.

| Smilegate

| Smilegate


Yet, after collaborating with Giantstep, the brand that helped to create the avatars for SM Entertainment‘s girl group aespa transformed the character into a digital human. With these developments, she went from a game character to someone who resembled a real human.


| Smilegate

According to the announcement, the plan for Han Yoo Ah is to work in various fields such as broadcasting, YouTube, performances, and advertisement.

Many insiders also claimed that it is highly expected that she will eventually make a move into K-Pop and possibly collaborate with YG Entertainment’s groups, including BLACKPINK and model group ATO6, who is also under YG KPlus.

Members of BLACKPINK | @BLACKPINK/ Twitter

ATO6 | YG Entertainment

As expected, when the announcement was made, netizens couldn’t believe what they were hearing. For many, they just couldn’t understand the reason for this, saying that along with the collaboration for NFTs, YG Entertainment seems to be focusing more on technology.

While others raised anger that after the treatment many YG artists have and the lack of comebacks for the group, they aren’t expecting anything to come from the newest signee.

Yet, it isn’t the first time netizens have reacted to this sort of news. Earlier in the month, it was revealed that South Korean virtual influencer Rozy is going to make her K-Pop debut. Rosie’s debut song was produced by rapper and songwriter Jung Jae Won, also known by his stage name ONE.

As the world continues to advance in technology, these advancements seem inevitable. Yet, it seems a step too far to bring it into the world of K-Pop and Korean entertainment, especially when there are already so many talented netizens working for a chance to succeed.

You can read more about the possible future of K-Pop and AI below.

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