Netizens Have Mixed Feelings After BLACKPINK’s Latest Project Is A Collaboration With HYBE

Although fans have continued to raise concerns about the lack of news about a potential BLACKPINK comeback, the group is continuing to treat fans to a lot of content. Whether it’s solo debuts, acting, or appearances at major global events, BLINKs are never short of ways to help the members.

Yet, one project was recently announced that had fans scratching their heads in confusion!

Members of BLACPINK | @BLACKPINK/ Twitter

On March 2, it was announced that BLACKPINK would be releasing “BLACKPINK IN YOUR KOREAN,” a textbook aimed to help netizens learn Korean.

As expected, the packaging fits perfectly with the group’s aesthetic and has two learning books, a pocketbook, and many more items.

The “BLACKPINK IN YOUR KOREAN” product | @Kpop_herald/ Twitter


| @Kpop_herald/ Twitter


It is definitely a cute item for fans to have and perfect as more people want to learn to speak Korean.

| @Kpop_herald/ Twitter

| @Kpop_herald/ Twitter

Yet, although fans were mixed in their thoughts on the product, especially as it detracts from the lack of comeback, something else caught the attention of BLINKs. It was that the project was a collaboration with none other than K-Pop agency HYBE, home to BTS, TXT, and ENHYPEN.

The branding at the bottom of each product shows HYBE x YG Entertainment on all the items.

| @KTOWN4U_COM/ Twitter

Although it might seem odd, it is only fitting that HYBE created this project as they have previously released similar products with BTS, including “Talk! With BTS,” “Learn! KOREAN With BTS,” and “Learn! KOREAN with TinyTan.”

Similar to the BLACKPINK product, these projects were all created to help netizens learn a new language by combining K-Pop idol groups and Korean to make it more interactive.

BTS’s language products | HYBE


The project might be a good idea for fans, but it did raise some confusion amongst netizens. While some voiced their anger at YG Entertainment for promoting more projects that have nothing to do with a potential comeback…

Others found it bizarre that two of the top companies in K-Pop are collaborating on such a unique product.

In particular, it has showcased the influence HYBE has been gaining in the past years. Alongside this project, the social media website Weverse, which HYBE created, has spread its influence and how idols, including BLACKPINK, are all part of the platform.

Some of the artists on HYBE’s Weverse | Weverse

In 2021, YG Entertainment announced they formed a strategic partnership with Big Hit Entertainment and will cooperate in various forms. It seems like “BLACKPINK IN YOUR KOREA” could be the next step in that relationship, and many think it could lead to something much bigger, including possible idol collaborations.

You can read more about the agreement between the two companies below.

YG Entertainment And Big Hit Entertainment Form Joint Business Partnership — YG Artists Will Now Be On Weverse

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