New Sith Villain Might Secretly Be A 6-12 months-Outdated Star Wars Character

Star Wars is revealing a brand new Sith servant of Emperor Palpatine within the sequel period – however they might have been sneakily launched six years in the past.

Star Wars has revealed Palpatine had a secret darkish aspect servant within the sequel period – however she would possibly even have been launched six years in the past. The interval straight main as much as the occasions of the sequel trilogy nonetheless stays largely undeveloped, with it solely being explored in a handful of comics and novels. However Lucasfilm is about to present readers their greatest look but at this largely-unexplored time, in Adam Christopher’s Shadow of the Sith. Scheduled for launch on June 28, 2022, it would inform the story of Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian’s quest to seek out the Sith redoubt Exegol.

A current excerpt from Shadow of the Sith has launched Palpatine’s mysterious Sith cultist, an as-yet-unidentified blue-skinned girl who has bonded to an historic Sith masks. The intriguing excerpt left extra questions than solutions; it did not even give this cultist a reputation, though Lucasfilm execs took to Twitter to reassure readers this can be a character who they’ve encountered earlier than. On the identical time, although, they’ve additionally famous new readers will not want any backstory to make sense of her. These curious hints have naturally led to intense hypothesis as to this Sith cultist’s true id.


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One risk is that she is a girl named Kiva. Launched in Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath: Life Debt, Kiza was a member of a gaggle known as the Acolytes of the Past. Established by one among Palpatine’s loyalists after his supposed loss of life, the Acolytes of the Past honored the Sith, and scoured the galaxy in search of darkish aspect relics. The very best account of their doctrines was given in Secrets and techniques of the Sith, an in-universe e book supposedly derived from the Emperor’s personal notes. in keeping with Palpatine, the Acolytes of the Past initially destroyed Sith artifacts in a misguided try to launch the energies contained inside them, however progressively got here to revere and treasure them as a substitute. Kiva was a key determine on this group, a blue-skinned Pantoran who was given the Masks of Viceroy Exim Panshard. Based on Palpatine’s servant Yupe Tashu, Panshard’s masks contained the screams of 100 innocents who had been as soon as slaughtered for the viceroy’s pleasure. This might nicely be the masks teased within the excerpt.

The Sith cult often known as the Acolytes of the Past first appeared in 2016, in a e book that was meant to function a free setup for the complete sequel trilogy; it is attainable they had been initially meant to be tied to the primary villain of the sequel trilogy, given their doctrines would match nicely with an early iteration of Kylo Ren often known as the Grave Robber. Lucasfilm clearly modified course, although, and so they’ve largely been uncared for since then, with solely occasional nods to them. It might be thrilling to see Lucasfilm lastly tie these threads collectively by revealing Kiva has gone on to turn into a servant of the Emperor. It is even attainable a few of Lucasfilm’s plans for the Grave Robber have discovered achievement in Palpatine’s Sith servant, given the villain seen in Shadow of the Sith lives at a Sepulchre, a type of tomb.

Shadow of the Sith guarantees to be one of the thrilling Star Wars books in years. Excerpts have already proven Luke Skywalker nearly found Palpatine, even utilizing the Power to discover Exegol itself in a mystical expertise – one from which he was saved by the Power Ghost of Anakin SKywalker. Now it is attainable the Star Wars novel may also full the story of a villain launched six years in the past, and largely forgotten since then. Readers must wait till June 28 to see if this principle is fulfilled.

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