Nightwing’s New Costume Design Pays Tribute To Creator Marv Wolfman

Within the newest problem of Nightwing, the vigilante debuts a biker jacket that doubles as a nod to Marv Wolfman and Wolfman’s personal Nightwing-themed jacket.

Spoiler warning for Nightwing #93

The most recent accent in Nightwing‘s wardrobe is a hidden—however touching—tribute to one of many character’s creators, Marv Wolfman. The present artistic workforce on Nightwing has been revising and increasing Dick Grayson’s look and arsenal of devices. Within the newest problem, the hero debuts a biker jacket that doubles as a nod to Marv Wolfman and his personal Nightwing-themed jacket.

Dick Grayson debuted as Robin, Batman’s youngster accomplice, in 1940, however he was reinvented because the unbiased vigilante Nightwing in 1984’s Tales of the Teen Titans #44 by Marv Wolfman and the late George Pérez. Nightwing established himself as a serious hero in his personal proper, removed from Batman’s affect, in Gotham and in his own residence base: Blüdhaven. Dick Grayson has cycled by many iconic appears to be like over the many years—from brief pants to tall collars—however few are extra beloved than his unique Nightwing costume, fondly recognized by followers as “Discowing,” from the pages of Wolfman and Pérez’s New Teen Titans. Most not too long ago, Dick’s 90s-era “fingerstripe” costume has made its return, together with a collection of costume and gadget upgrades.


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In Nightwing #93 by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Adriano Lucas, and Wes Abbott, Nightwing runs from a squad of corrupt cops, who’ve been ordered to apprehend the hero by the villainous Blockbuster. As Dick flees the scene of his “crime” (cleansing graffiti off a statue of Alfred), he runs behind a bush and emerges with a bike—and a spiffy new Nightwing-themed jacket. This identical design has been seen earlier than within the “actual world;” footage of Marv Wolfman carrying a Nightwing biker jacket circled on-line, together with in a quote-tweet by present Nightwing artist, Bruno Redondo. The unique tweet incorporates a image of George Pérez and Marv Wolfman smiling collectively. Redondo quote-tweeted the picture with the caption “Love these two a lot.”

Figuring out that Redondo has seen this image of each Pérez and Wolfman, it is simple to make the leap that Nightwing’s new biker-friendly costume accent is a tribute to Marv Wolfman and his personal striped jacket. This tribute to the character’s creators comes as no shock to followers who’ve been following the present Nightwing run, which has featured quite a few tributes to Wolfman and Pérez, together with a cameo in Nightwing #92. Nightwing is a serious power within the DC universe largely partly resulting from Wolfman and Pérez’s work with the character, so these many nods to the 2 within the present ebook are greater than welcome and at all times a delight to identify. There are actually extra metatextual Easter eggs to return in Nightwing, particularly after the latest passing of legendary artist George Pérez.

The present Nightwing run is profitable partly due to how the artistic workforce honors the character’s previous whereas wanting in the direction of Dick Grayson’s future. A part of that honoring has come from the reimagined costume design, together with enjoyable particulars—like Dick’s new biker jacket within the model of Marv Wolfman.

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Nightwing followers can hunt for related cameos and tributes in Nightwing #93, accessible now from DC Comics.

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