Nightwing’s “Secrets and techniques” Declare Breaks His Whole Younger Justice Story

Regardless of his claims that he dislikes holding secrets and techniques from his buddies and teammates, Younger Justice’s Nightwing has a protracted historical past of hiding issues.

Warning: The next accommodates SPOILERS for Younger Justice season 4.

Secrets and techniques and lies are half and parcel of a superhero’s life, however Nightwing appears to exit of his option to conceal issues in Younger Justice regardless of claiming to hate mendacity. The primary Robin typically went out of his option to maintain secrets and techniques from his teammates purely for his personal amusement early in his profession. Whereas Dick Grayson later grew out of this behavior, he continued to withhold info from his closest allies whereas main the covert crew of the Justice League, regardless of figuring out that a lot of his buddies, like Conner “Superboy” Kent, had extreme belief points.


The central story of Younger Justice season 4 discovered Nightwing main the hassle to search out Superboy, who was presumed to have sacrificed himself to cease the detonation of a viral weapon on Mars simply earlier than his marriage ceremony to Miss Martian. The magician Zatanna later decided that Superboy had been despatched into the Phantom Zone, main his oldest buddies to seek for a magic faculty bus that had as soon as made the journey into the otherworldly jail whereas being possessed by Klarion the Witch Boy. As soon as the bus was positioned, Tigress requested why they weren’t bringing Miss Martian with them on the mission to save lots of Superboy from the Phantom Zone. Nightwing replied, “I hate holding secrets and techniques, however we won’t get her hopes up. If we’re improper or if this does not work, I believe it might kill her.”

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As noble as Nightwing’s intentions may need been on this occasion, his assertion that he hated holding secrets and techniques from his buddies is very questionable. In Younger Justice season 1, Dick Grayson reveled in the truth that Batman required he conceal his secret identification from his teammates and made a giant deal about carrying sun shades that obscured his face at any time when he was out of costume with them. He additionally took a selfie with Artemis on her first day as a switch pupil to Gotham Academy within the episode “Homefront,” having acknowledged her with out the masks she wore as Inexperienced Arrow’s new sidekick. Dick advised the confused Artemis, “We’ll giggle about this sometime,” clearly loving that he knew her secret identification but she had no clue who he was.

Young Justice Season 1 Dick Grayson Artemis Crock Selfie Joke

Whereas Dick Grayson largely outgrew these pranks by the point he turned Nightwing in Younger Justice season 2, he nonetheless made a behavior of hiding issues from his teammates when he thought it was greatest to maintain them at midnight about sure covert missions. This got here to harm the crew after Aqualad pretended to go rogue and kill Artemis as a part of a plan to infiltrate the legal group generally known as the Mild. Miss Martian, unaware of the key mission, psychically attacked her former teammate, practically blowing his cowl after she put him in a coma.

The issue repeated itself in Younger Justice season 3 when Nightwing seemingly began a brand new unbiased secret superhero crew whereas coordinating with the Justice League on the sly. Whereas this was all a part of Batman’s plan to divide and conquer towards the Mild, the revelation that Nightwing had been mendacity to his buddies once more practically tore his new squad aside. Whereas Nightwing’s determination to chop Miss Martian out of the loop in Younger Justice season 4 is born of comparable good intentions, it appears seemingly, given her current experiences, that she’d wish to be a part of any effort to search out her misplaced fiancé, regardless of the final word consequence.

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