Nippon Noir (2019)


  • Drama: Nippon Noir
  • Romaji: Nippon Nowaru: Keiji Y no Hanran
  • Japanese: ニッポンノワール ―刑事Yの反乱―
  • Director: Ryuichi Inomata
  • Writer: Shogo Muto
  • Network: NTV
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: October 13, 2019 —
  • Runtime: Sunday 22:30 – 23:25
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan

Plot Synopsis

When Detective Kiyoharu Yusa (Kento Kaku) wakes up in the middle of a forest, he realizes that he can’t remember the past several months. Detective Kiyoharu Yusa learns that he is the prime suspect in the murder of a female detective. He is chased by his own colleagues. Kiyoharu Yusa tries to figure out what is going on. Kiyoharu Yusa senses that his case is connected to a one billion yen robbery case that was never solved.


  1. “Nippon Noir” takes over NTV’s Sunday 22:30 time slot previously occupied by “Your Turn to Kill” and followed by “Panda Judges the World” January, 2020.


Nippon Noir-Kento Kaku.jpg Nippon Noir-Ryoko Hirosue.jpg Nippon Noir-Arata Iura.jpg Nippon Noir-Kazuki Kitamura.jpg Nippon Noir-Kaho.jpg
Kento Kaku Ryoko Hirosue Arata Iura Kazuki Kitamura Kaho
Kiyoharu Yusa Kaoru Usui Kaname Saimon Shusuke Nanbu Sara Fukami
Nippon Noir-Asuka Kudo.jpg Nippon Noir-Ken Tanoi.jpg Nippon Noir-Yoshihiko Hosoda.jpg Nippon Noir-Eisuke Sasai.jpg Nippon Noir-Tetta Sugimoto.jpg
Asuka Kudo Ken Tanoi Yoshihiko Hosoda Eisuke Sasai Tetta Sugimoto
Tokio Nagoshi Katsuki Usui Ryoichi Miyagi Yuzuru Honjo Kona Ekuni
Nippon Noir-Takashi Sasano.jpg Nippon Noir-Yui Sakuma.jpg Nippon Noir-Eri Tachibana.jpg
Takashi Sasano Yui Sakuma Eri Tachibana
Kiichi Fukami Serina Honjo Akemi Takasago

Additional Cast Members:

  • Eishin – Masaomi Kishi

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