No Clear Evidence: Why Police Drag Lee Sun Kyun & G-Dragon (GD) in Drug Scandal? – More Update and Criticism

The latest update in the room salon drug scandal shows no evidence tying Lee Sun Kyun and BIGBANG G-Dragon (GD). Then, why did the police drag the two actors in the first place? Let us dive deeper into why the police investigated Lee Sun Kyun and BIGBANG G-Dragon (GD) in the following drug scandal update.

Police Find No Evidence Linking Lee Sun Kyun and BIGBANG G-Dragon (GD) to the Drug Scandal – A New Update

Recent update and reports from Korean media outlets indicated that the police have been encountering difficulties in their investigation into the drug scandal involving Lee Sun Kyun and BIGBANG G-Dragon (GD).

Previously, the Incheon Police Agency’s drug crime unit recently took urine and hair samples from G-Dragon and performed a preliminary drug test. This test resulted in a negative outcome.

Therefore, the police intended to send G-Dragon’s samples to the National Forensic Service for a more thorough examination. The preliminary test could only detect drugs taken in the last 5 to 10 days. However, a comprehensive test can identify drug use up to a year.

However, since GD had repeatedly denied his involvement in the drug scandal, if the detailed test also came back negative, the police would have no reason to charge him.

Meanwhile, Lee Sun Kyun, who was under investigation for the same drug scandal, also tested negative in both the preliminary and comprehensive tests.


Consequently, during an additional investigation, the police collected Lee Sun Kyun’s leg hair for further analysis by the National Forensic Service. Drugs tend to stay in leg hair longer, making it a more reliable source for testing.


Still, Lee Sun Kyun had also claimed that he took the drugs unknowingly. The “Parasite” actor admitted he may have taken drugs but claimed that the manager of the entertainment establishment had given him something without his knowledge. Lee Sun Kyun insisted that he didn’t intentionally take the substance. Instead, it was the manager who had misled him.

Police’s Update on Difficulties in Investigating Lee Sun Kyun and BIGBANG G-Dragon (GD) Drug Scandal

If both celebrities eventually tested negative for drugs in the comprehensive analysis, then the police would have no reason to charge them.

Not only that but if the room salon manager proved to have given Lee Sun Kyun drugs without his knowledge, then the police also lost their foundation to charge the “Parasite” actor. After all, under criminal law, individuals cannot be held accountable for an act they did not intentionally commit. The key factor here is the intention, which refers to whether the individual willingly engaged in the unlawful act.

Thus, it could be challenging to penalize Lee Sun Kyun if he had no intention of consuming drugs.

So, why did the police involve Lee Sun Kyun and BIGBANG G-Dragon (GD) in the drug case scandal?

On November 13, a police official gave an update that the investigation into Lee Sun Kyun and BIGBANG G-Dragon (GD) drug scandal faced difficulties because of the leaked process.

“The investigation faces numerous challenges because information became publicly known at the pre-investigation stage. Therefore, it is more difficult to obtain concrete evidence.

Investigations into drug crimes depend on a thorough evaluation of various elements, including the National Forensic Service’s analysis results, statements from involved parties, and forensic evidence.

Therefore, deeming it an excessive investigation based solely on verbal statements without solid evidence at this point is somewhat premature.”

a police official.

Why did the Police Investigate Them in the First Place?

Due to this recent update, the public began questioning why the police dragged Lee Sun Kyun and BIGBANG G-Dragon (GD) into the drug case scandal in the first place.

Later in the statement, the police admitted they initiated the investigation based solely on an individual’s statement. They then simply followed up these preliminary signs according to the legal procedure.

However, since the process was leaked before they obtained concrete evidence, the investigation became more difficult.

“The investigation indeed began based on statements without concrete evidence.

The process is challenging because this fact came to light during the pre-booking (internal investigation) stage. Still, we will proceed with the investigation following due process.”

a police official.

Due to this statement, the public begin criticizing South Korean police for dragging the two artists without securing concrete evidence.

There’s also a rumor that the scandal involving Lee Sun Kyun and BIGBANG G-Dragon (GD) was a diversion from political issues. But that’s still another unproven rumor.

GD’s Stance Remains Firm in Official Interview Related to the Drug Scandal

Finally, during an official interview with Yonhap News, BIGBANG G-Dragon (GD) reaffirms his innocence. He stated he had no connection to the drug scandal or any relationship with the room salon manager.

“I want to restate once again that I have never used drugs, nor have I ever given or received drugs from anyone.

Therefore, finding any substances in my body would be impossible.

I know myself better than anyone else. I voluntarily participated in the investigation because I have no connection to the recent drug-related suspicions. My aim was to clear my name as quickly as possible.”


GD’s official interview with Yonhap News. | Yonhap News.
GD’s official interview with Yonhap News. | Yonhap News.

GD also stated that his repeated movements were because he was also nervous about facing the investigation. After all, he’s just an ordinary human like anybody else.

Finally, GD believes that the investigation will eventually prove his innocence.

“I’m not sure why other doubts and misunderstandings keep arising, but the main question is whether I used drugs or not, and I am confident this will be clarified.”


So, what do you think about the recent update on Lee Sun Kyun and BIGBANG G-Dragon (GD)? Please share your thoughts in the comments as we wait for more statements and the official result.

Source: MT, My Daily, Seoul Economic Daily, Xports News.


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