Odin Secretly Hinted At Ragnarok’s Hela Twist In 2011’s Thor Film

Hela was by no means talked about earlier than her look in Thor: Ragnarok, however her arrival may need been arrange in Odin’s speech within the first Thor film.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is stuffed with moments of foreshadowing and hints that repay years later, and all of this occurred within the first Thor film, by which Odin secretly hinted at Thor: Ragnarok’s Hela twist. The MCU’s Section 1 was the viewers’s introduction to the unique Avengers group, with most of them getting solo adventures, amongst these Thor (Chris Hemsworth). The Asgardian prince made his debut in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor in 2011, and he has come a good distance from his days because the son of Odin who was banished to Earth.

Thor additionally launched the God of Thunder’s household – his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins), his mom Frigga (Rene Russo), and his adopted brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) – although not all of them bought a lot display time. After becoming a member of the Avengers the next 12 months, Thor returned in Thor: The Darkish World, one of many weakest MCU motion pictures, which despite the fact that launched one other Infinity Stone due to the Aether, didn’t do a lot for Thor’s improvement. After one other mission with the Avengers, Thor returned in Thor: Ragnarok and bought a serious improve as he was lastly given a character and the character improvement he wanted, nevertheless it additionally made some large adjustments to his household’s backstory.


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Thor: Ragnarok caught up with Thor after he left Earth on the finish of Avengers: Age of Ultron and revealed that Thor isn’t Odin’s solely youngster. Because it seems, Odin’s firstborn was Hela (Cate Blanchett), the goddess of demise, who had been imprisoned in Hel by Odin for a lot of, a few years. Odin’s demise broke Hela free, and she or he was able to proceed her plans of ruling Asgard and creating an Asgardian Empire. Hela had by no means been talked about within the MCU earlier than Thor: Ragnarok, and the reason given within the film was that Odin wiped all document of her from historical past – nonetheless, a refined element within the Allfather’s speech throughout Thor’s coronation within the God of Thunder’s debut film arrange the arrival of Hela.

A Reddit person identified a refined however necessary element in Odin’s speech throughout Thor’s coronation scene in his debut film that arrange the twist of Hela being Odin’s eldest daughter within the MCU. Within the scene, Odin says “Thor Odinson, my inheritor. My firstborn”, along with his voice cracking when saying “firstborn” and the scene instantly cuts to Frigga, who seems away. Years later, Hela was revealed to be Odin’s firstborn, who served as his private executioner and commander of the Asgardian military. Hela and Odin launched into a bloody conquest, bringing the entire 9 Realms into Asgard’s energy, however Hela’s ambition was too harmful, resulting in her banishment to Hel. Nevertheless, it’s extremely potential that that second in Odin’s speech and Frigga’s response was extra in the direction of Odin’s phrases implying Thor is his solely son when there was additionally Loki, who was current on the ceremony.

Nevertheless, Marvel has left hints and moments of foreshadowing in its motion pictures that repay years later (although more often than not with some timeline points), and others have been retroactively confirmed to be what followers theorized, as occurred with Peter Parker being the child in Iron Man 2 dressed because the title hero. This might occur with Odin’s refined Hela trace in Thor, which might assist with the problem of Hela not ever being talked about earlier than Thor: Ragnarok and all of a sudden showing for one film solely.

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