Oh! My Boss! Koi wa Bessatsu de (2021) Cast & Summary

  • Genre: Romance, Contract Romance, Fashion
  • Release Date: 12 January 2021
  • Origin: Japan
  • Dorama: 10 Episodes


  •  Kamishiraishi Mone as Suziki Nami
  • Nanao as Horai Reiko
  • Tamamori Yuta as Junnusuke
  • Mamiya Shotaro as Nakazawa Ryota
  • Inukai Atsuhiro as Ken-chan
  • Kubota Sayu as Izumi Haruka

Episode 1

The first episode is so cute.  Lots of things had happened.

Nami’s dream is to have an ordinary life.  Be Miss or Mrs Average, have a nine to five job so she had enough time to date Ken-chan.

Her childhood sweetheart who went to Tokyo to work as a certified public accountant.

Nami applied for a job at a fashion magazine in the mechanical department or something.  For the interview, she went very early and so much time to kill she went outside the building to look around.

She saw a bench to sit on but a gorgeous guy grabbed her, stopped her from sitting.  She was so annoyed thinking that he wanted the bench to himself. So she sat down.

The guy showed her the wet paint sign and sure enough the skirt of her suit had paint all over it.

The guy took her to a boutique where she bought a very expensive dress suit which looked lovely.

She did not get the job but a fashion editor remembered seeing her and offer her an admin job in the publishing side of the magazine.

It so happened that on her first day a very famous, well-respected fashion editor was brought in. She was Horai Reiko, a younger version of Meryl Streep in The Devil wore Prada.

On her first day, Nami was made to work her socks off.  Her supposed admin job turned into an assistant/lackey to Reiko.  She fetched and carried for her.

She thought Reiko was a lazy, manipulative and self-serving.  Still Nami was able to survive her first day.

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After a while, she got a call from Ken-chan with some obscure message as if to imply that he will ask to marry her because he was ready.  He then invited her to his birthday party.

She was all excited and bought a small birthday cake for Ken-Chan.

When she got to the party, she shyly called Ken-chan who was very happy to see her.

He then introduced her, his fiancee.  It was not Nami though.

It was another girl, the daughter of the vice president of the company he worked for.

Poor Nami was gutted.  She made excuses that she had to go back to work.  But soon enough she got a call from Reiko asking her to come to see her urgently.

Reiko wanted her to call her a taxi.

Poor Nami lost it.  She told Reiko that it was not fair to bother her when Reiko was obviously of a personal time, on a date.  She told off Reiko of misusing clothes for her personal use, etc.

She told Reiko she will quit.

Reiko was actually quite reasonable and challenged her to stay.

Anyway, she went back to the bench where it all began.  She started to open the cake when the gorgeous guy turned up and asked if he could eat the cake.

The gorgeous guy is Jonnusuke, a photographer but actually an heir to a corporation who was being forced by his parents to get married and settle down and take over the company.

Anyway, Nami told him everything that had happened and to distracted her he took her for a ride on his motorcycle and they ended up miles … to Chiba.  They had fun in the seaside.

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Nami though got an SOS call from Izumi who told her that she did not get what Reiko meant with her drawings.  She just realised it now that they would need roses… lots of roses.

Nami asked Jonnusuke to take her back and along the way, they tried to buy the roses that were available but sadly no such luck.

Nami said she saw a billboard of a rose garden so why not bring the models to the rose garden.

In the morning when they got there, the owner of the garden did not want anything to do with them because previous experience with photoshoots had taught her a lesson.

Nami and Ryota were surprised to find Reiko kneeling begging the owner permission to use the garden.  Reiko appealed to the gardener’s heart using an anecdote about Marie Antoinette.

It was a successful photoshoot and Nami found a new respect for Reiko.  She was actually hard-working and the man Nami thought Reiko was on a date with was a designer who avoids publicity at all cost but not this time during the photo shoot.

Nami changed her mind.  She does not want to resign.

She was by the bench again when she saw Jonnusuke who she thanked for being her guardian angel.

He told her that this time he will be the one asking for a favour.

He wanted her to be his girlfriend.

Nami was shocked but Jonnusuke said only for one day, just pretend.  He wanted her to meet his sister first.

His sister happened to be Reiko.

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