Oh My Girl Arin to Prove Her Acting in Satire Webtoon Drama “S Line” with Lee Soo Hyuk

The stunning and talented maknae of Kpop group Oh My Girl, Arin, is set to lead a new webtoon-based Korean drama, “S Line,” alongside Lee Soo Hyuk. Yet what’s most exciting is that, unlike her previous dramas, Arin will have to prove how much her acting has improved through a more intense project. This is because “S Line” is a new Korean drama based on a webtoon that offers satire and criticism of society. So, will the Oh My Girl maknae be able to successfully deliver her role? And have the two main casts confirmed their appearances? Find out more in the following detailed report.

Arin of Oh My Girl Kpop Group to Lead New Korean Drama with Lee Soo Hyuk

Vocalist and maknae of Kpop group Oh My Girl, Arin, has been cast as the leading character in the new webtoon-based Korean drama, “S Line”.

On September 1, an exclusive report from the Korean media outlet SPOTV News revealed that Arin from Oh My Girl Kpop group would be starring in the new webtoon-based Korean drama, “S Line”. The report also mentioned that the Oh My Girl stunning maknae would be leading the new drama as the female main character of the story.

While further details are still pending, reports indicate that Arin will portray the character Hyun Heup in the “S Line”webtoon-based Korean drama.

Previously, reports stated that the production team had selected prominent model actor Lee Soo Hyuk as the male lead character for the Korean drama. However, there has been no further confirmation whether Lee Soo Hyuk has accepted or turned down the offer.

Oh My Girl Arin to lead webtoon-based Korean drama, “S Line” with Lee Soo Hyuk. | Twitter
Oh My Girl Arin to lead webtoon-based Korean drama, “S Line” with Lee Soo Hyuk. | Twitter

“S Line”: A Satire Webtoon Criticizing the Society

Based on the original webtoon by author Little Bee, “S-Line” will be a new Korean drama that raises a critique to the society through its satirical genre and storyline.


Set in the fictional universe, the story of “S Line” webtoon begins with a red line that suddenly appears through a person’s head. Out of nowhere, these lines dash through the air, connecting individuals to the person with whom they have had intimate and sexual relationships. 


Surprisingly, these lines do not distinguish between different circumstances. As long as a person gets involved in a sexual relationship with a person, a red line will appear on top of their heads, connecting them with each other.

Due to these circumstances, people began judging and harassing each other based on the number of lines appearing on top of their heads. Society becomes chaotic as people wear helmets and avoid showing their heads or faces altogether. 

As these private matters turn public, both laws and relationships start to falter, leading to the slow rise of anarchy.

Despite its controversial theme and storyline, “S Line” webtoon managed to gain a prominent reputation from the readers for its heavy and brave criticism against the society. The webtoon raises an abundant number of social issues, including sexual assaults, marriage, religion, entertainment, and celebrity lifestyle, even to the justice system. That is why this webtoon has been rated 18+ for its sensitive and triggering issues.

However, since the original webtoon takes the form of an omnibus with multiple main characters, it is highly likely that Oh My Girl Arin and Lee Soo Hyuk will portray one of the stories in “S Line”.

Will She Showcase Improved Acting Skills?

So, has Arin confirmed her appearance in the Korean drama?

According to Top Star News report, Arin is currently considering a role in the webtoon-based drama. However, it is best to wait for further confirmation from both the agency and the production team.

“Arin is considering to appear in the webtoon-based drama, ‘S Line’.” 

WM Entertainment.

Finally, what are your thoughts on Arin and Lee Soo Hyuk potentially leading this new Korean drama? If they become the main couple, will Arin and Lee Soo Hyuk portray a matching chemistry? And most importantly, will Arin be able to showcase improved acting skills in such an intense genre?

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In the meantime, let us take a look at Arin’s acting skills in “Alchemy of Souls”.

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