Olympic Skater Hwang Dae Heon Sharing His Love For BLACKPINK’s Jennie Resurfaces After Winning A Gold Medal

It seems that Olympic fever has gripped the world as countries gather in Beijing for the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Despite all of the controversies, it has been a great way for netizens to see the talent each country has to offer.

One person who has recently gained attention is speed skater Hwang Dae Heon, who won the first gold medal for Korea.

Hwang Dae Heon | @daeheon_hwang/ Instagram

In particular, after his win, Korean commentators made the joke that his winning must be because he wanted someone to cheer for him, and another added that it had to be BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and that he deserved it after the win.

At first, it seemed like an odd statement, but old videos recently resurfaced and were shared by Korean media proving that Hwang Dae Heon is actually a true BLACKPINK fan, and his bias is none other than the member Jennie!


BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/ Instagram

In a video with fellow skating athlete Kwak Yoon Gy on his Youtube channel, Hwang Dae Heon shared his love for the idol. Yoon Gy asked Hwang Dea Heon, “Is there anyone who you would like some support from?” and without hesitating, he explained it was none other than BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

| Kwakyoongy/ YouTube

Kwak Yoon Gy joked that if Dae Heon was successful in the Olympics, maybe he could go on a date with Jennie but it just made the athlete laugh before he added, “Would that even be possible?

| Kwakyoongy/ YouTube

Although he knew this wasn’t possible, he added, “But I do want to go to BLACKPINK’s concert. I love listening to their music. I listen to them like all the time,” before cutely running away.

| Kwakyoongy/ YouTube 

| Kwakyoongy/ YouTube 

Yet, he isn’t the Olympic athlete who has gained attention for their love of BLACKPINK. Recently, figure skater Cha Jun Hwan became very shy when mentioning that Rosé was his ideal type.

In an interview with MBC News, Jun Hwan was also asked about his ideal type or the person he finds the most attractive, a question that many fans all over the world wondered about as well. Jun Hwan did not hesitate when he said, “Yes, it’s BLACKPINK’s Rosé.

There is no doubt that it seems like BLACKPINK is loved by fans worldwide and is not afraid to share their love for the members. Hopefully, after his momentous win, Jennie notices him and cheers him on.

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