OMEGA X Announces Cancellation Of New York Concert + Explains Uncertainty Of Remaining U.S. Tour

OMEGA X has unfortunately had to cancel their concert in New York.

On October 3 local time, OMEGA X’s agency Spire Entertainment released statements in Korean and English explaining the cancellation of their New York concert, which was scheduled for the same day. The group recently concluded the Latin American leg of their 2022 “CONNECT: Don’t Give Up” world tour before travelling to New York for the start of their U.S. leg.

This is Spire Entertainment.

With a heavy heart, we have unfortunate news to share with all fans who have been waiting for OMEGA X’s concerts for a long time.

We regret to inform you that OMEGA X cannot appear on their New York concert for 2022 world tour [CONNECT: Don’t Give Up] on October 3, 2022.


On October 2, 2022 (local Chile time), OMEGA X members and staffs were scheduled to depart Chile for the New York show.
However, MC Entertainment, who is responsible for OMEGA X’s U.S. Tour, canceled their plane tickets to New York without any notice. With the slightest hope of receiving new tickets, all members and staffs waited at the airport for six hours. When they finally got the news about retrieving new tickets for an 11:55 p.m. flight on the same day, it was 9:30 p.m. and therefore all check-in counters for international flights had already been closed.

With MC Entertainment’s incomprehensible acts, OMEGA X’s upcoming schedules in North America are currently unknown.

MC Entertainment is avoiding all responsibilities regarding upcoming tour schedules and not providing us any feedback or apologies.

We have considered and discussed many ways to keep our promise with fans and make this show possible, but we failed to deliver our promise. We deeply apologize about that.

Please contact your respective [ticket] reservation offices and request cancelation.
Again, we are very sorry to send this unfortunate news.

Thank you.

With New York being their first U.S. tour stop, OMEGA X is currently scheduled for 11 total shows across the United States in October.

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