One Piece: 10 Highest Non-Captain Bounties, Ranked

Within the newest chapter of One Piece, Admiral Aramaki, who got here to grab the Straw Hats and their allies, had a struggle with Momonosuke, Yamato, and the samurai, as they try to cease him. Elsewhere, it has been reported that Sabo has killed Alabasta’s king, Nefertari Cobra, which impressed eight kingdoms to insurgent in opposition to the federal government, bringing Chapter 1054 of One Piece to a surprising conclusion.

Whereas big-named captains all world wide, such because the 4 Emperors, get huge bounties as a consequence of their actions, there are additionally members of their crew who additionally find yourself getting a big bounty for collaborating in it. Unsurprisingly, all however one of the individuals on this record have been part of the 4 Emperor’s crew, and because the 4 Emperors are essentially the most harmful pirates with the largest bounties, it is just pure that their crews’ bounties would find yourself being bigger than some pirate captains.


10 Charlotte Snack – 600,000,000 Berries

Charlotte Snack from One Piece

Because the Minister of Fries for Totto Land, Charlotte Snack oversees Potato Island because the forty fourth baby of Emperor Large Mother. He was previously one of many Large Mother Pirates’ Candy Commanders however misplaced his rank after his defeat by the hands of the Supernova Urogue two years in the past.

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Not a lot is thought about Snack’s talents besides having the ability to wield a big katana. Within the anime, he is ready to go toe-to-toe with a Raid Swimsuit empowered Vinsmoke Decide. As one of many former Candy Commanders, it may be assumed that Snack is among the most highly effective members of the Large Mother Pirates, which justifies his bounty.

9 Sabo – 602,000,000 Berries

Sabo from One Piece

Sabo is the chief of workers of the Revolutionary Military and is thought to be the second-in-command of your entire group, solely being outranked by Monkey D. Dragon, who is among the strongest characters. He’s additionally the adoptive brother of Portgas D. Ace, the 2nd Divison Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, and Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist and one of many present Emperors.

Because the second-in-command of a corporation going in opposition to the World Authorities, Sabo could be very robust, as he has mastery of Armament and Statement Haki, and has not too long ago acquired the Logia-type Flare Flare Fruit, which was Ace’s former Satan Fruit. His energy and authority justify the bounty on his head.

8 Charlotte Perospero – 700,000,000 Berries

Charlotte Perospero, the primary baby of the previous Emperor Large Mother, is an officer of the Large Mother Pirates, and serves because the Minister of Sweet for Totto Land, being in control of Sweet Island. He makes use of the Paramecia-type Lick-Lick Fruit, which permits him to create and management sweet.

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Perospero could be very robust and sturdy. He managed to outlive proper after Pedro created an enormous point-blank explosion, dropping simply his proper arm. Together with his Satan Fruit, he can create large sweet iron maidens, and mechanical constructions, and might kill individuals inside minutes after turning them into sweet, which exhibits how harmful he can get.

7 Charlotte Cracker – 860,000,000 Berries

Charlotte Cracker from One Piece

The fifteenth offspring of Large Mother is “Thousand Arms” Charlotte Cracker. One of many Large Mother Pirates’ three Candy Commanders, he was the primary to be encountered, fought, and defeated by Luffy. Because the Minister of Biscuits for Totto Land, Cracker is in control of Biscuits Island. He’s a talented swordsman and makes use of the Paramecia-type Bis-Bis Fruit.

His Satan Fruit permits him to create a number of biscuit puppets directly simply with a clap, which he can management remotely, much like the flexibility of Gecko Moria, some of the highly effective villains, potential. As well as, it has nice defensive capabilities, as Luffy had nice problem breaking simply a kind of. If it wasn’t for Nami soaking the biscuits in water, Luffy would have been defeated, which exhibits how robust Cracker is.

6 Charlotte Smoothie – 932,000,000 Berries

Charlotte Smoothie from One Piece

The thirty fifth offspring of Large Mother is a long-leg-human hybrid named Charlotte Smoothie. She is among the Large Mother Pirates’ three Candy Commanders and is Totto Land’s Minister of Juice, being in control of 100% island. She makes use of the Paramecia-type Wring-Wring Fruit.

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Her Satan Fruit can extract liquid from each residing and non-living issues, together with the consumer. The liquid that was taken might then be utilized to enlarge the consumer and their weapons, they usually can even launch the liquid that had been saved as huge, super-pressurized assaults. Her authority and energy are what allowed her to realize a bounty this massive.

5 Jack – 1,000,000,000 Berries

Jack from One Piece

Jack the Drought is a big grouper Fishman who is among the three All-Star of the Beasts Pirates. He’s the primary one within the sequence who’s revealed to have a bounty of at the very least 1,000,000,000. He makes use of the Historical Zoan-type Satan Fruit Eleph-Eleph Fruit, Mannequin: Mammoth.

As somebody who belongs to the strongest group within the crew, Jack is extraordinarily robust. He managed to struggle the minks for 5 days and 5 nights stressed, and sink two out of 4 ships escorting Doflamingo. Together with his Satan Fruit, he can destroy part of a metropolis simply by swinging his trunk. His bounty proves simply how harmful he can get.

4 Charlotte Katakuri – 1,057,000,000 Berries

Katakuri Mochi from One Piece

The third baby of Large Mother and the strongest of the Candy Commanders is Charlotte Katakuri. Moreover, he oversees Komugi Island because the Minister of Flour for Totto Land. He’s among the many sequence’ greatest Statement Haki customers, having the ability to precisely predict a number of seconds into the long run. He makes use of the Paramecia-type Mochi Mochi Fruit.

Regardless of being a Paramecia-type, Katakuri can use his woke up Satan Fruit and Statement Haki to switch his physique, permitting him to dodge a number of assaults like a Logia-type, together with Haki-infused ones. He’s additionally the one woke up Satan Fruit consumer on this record, which justifies the big bounty placed on his head.

3 Queen – 1,320,000,000

Queen from One Piece

The ex-de facto ruler of Udon in Wano Nation, Queen the Plague, is among the three All-Stars of the Beasts Pirates. Along with Vinsmoke Decide, Queen was as soon as a part of the analysis workforce MADS. Queen makes use of the Historical Zoan Dragon-Dragon Fruit, Mannequin: Brachiosaurus, which he modified with robotic components.

Queen is among the strongest characters and is a extremely completed scientist who was in a position to take GERMA’s expertise and incorporate them into himself, corresponding to Sanji’s invisibility. He may even create a harmful plague that would kill in moments. His energy and intelligence are not any joke, which is why the federal government put such a bounty because of the hazard he poses.

2 Marco – 1,374,000,000 Berries

Marco Phoenix from One Piece

The previous right-hand man of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco the Phoenix consumed the Chook-Chook Fruit, Mannequin: Phoenix, one of many strongest Legendary Zoan Satan Fruit, which provides him the flexibility to remodel right into a flaming phoenix.

Marco has been demonstrated to have quickly recovered from ugly wounds that might usually be lethal, making him very tough to kill, due to his Satan Fruit. Moreover, within the Paramount Battle, he had a short battle with every of the three admirals, demonstrating Marco’s energy and incomes him such an enormous bounty.

1 King – 1,390,000,000 Berries

King from One Piece

King the Wildfire, previously generally known as Alber, is Kaido’s right-hand man and the strongest of the Beast Pirates All-Stars. He ate the Historical ZoanDragon-Dragon Fruit, Mannequin: Pteranodon, and belonged to the now extinct Lunarian race. Because of his ancestry, he skilled being a World Authorities experiment topic previously.

King, who has authority within the Beast Pirates solely under Kaido’s, is ready to management hearth and is a really expert swordsman who can compete with Roronoa Zoro, an outstanding swordsman. King was given such a big bounty as a consequence of these components, together with the truth that he was Kaido’s first recruit.

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