One Piece’s Straw Hat Pirates Simply Bought a New Member

In chapter 1051 of One Piece, Yamato publicizes that they are going to formally be becoming a member of the Straw Hat pirate crew following the defeat of Kaido.

Warning! Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1051 forward!

The most recent chapter of One Piece sees a long-awaited addition to the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates: Yamato. One of many principal attracts of One Piece is the Straw Hat pirate crew and their interpersonal dynamics which have been fostered for nicely over 1,000 chapters at this level within the sequence. Welcoming a brand new crew member to the Straw Hats shouldn’t be a typical occasion. The most recent new addition, Jinbe, joined up greater than 100 chapters in the past.

Yamato, the kid of Kaido, is called each the Demon Princess of the Beast Pirates, and Kozuki Oden in tribute to the good fallen samurai of Wano. Their first look was in One Piece chapter 971, and their intensive historical past with characters comparable to Portgas D. Ace has since hinted at Yamato’s future affiliation with the Straw Hats. Yamato has been frequently influenced by Oden’s journey journal, and has expressed a robust want to set sail with the Straw Hats and at last escaping the confines of Wano. Moreover it is identified that Yamato has already clashed quite a few occasions with Kaido in an try and freely journey outdoors of Wano’s borders, and wanting to affix the Straw Hats aligns completely with their character motivations.


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Chapter 1051 of One Piece depicts the aftermath of the battle with Kaido atop Onigashima. Momonosuke as an grownup returns and addresses everything of Wano, telling them that the Fireplace Pageant is way from over, and that the nation is lastly freed from Kaido and Orochi’s grasp. Afterwards, Yamato approaches the Straw Hats and just about publicizes that they’ll be becoming a member of the Straw Hats from right here on out. The Straw Hats have combined reactions to this declaration. Sanji and Brook are notably on board with the concept, whereas Nami and Usopp are extra shocked than something. Jinbe additionally notes that regardless of Yamato’s private conviction, it must be Luffy who decides whether or not or not they’ll accompany the Straw Hats.

Yamato joins the Straw Hats.

One Piece readers have been anticipating and hoping for this gorgeous a lot ever since Yamato’s introduction. Within the first world One Piece reputation ballot, Yamato shot as much as eleventh place regardless of having only in the near past been launched on the time. Yamato is an sincere and caring character, keen to place their life on the road for individuals they respect and admire. Yamato additionally holds the rules of Oden near an especially excessive commonplace and has proven on multiple event that they’d by no means abandon somebody they think about to be a comrade. Although some followers concern Yamato’s addition would upset the present “Monster Trio” of Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji, this most likely gained’t be the case. As a substitute, because of how the occasions of Wano performed out, it’s possible Yamato, Zoro, and Sanji will comprise a brand new Monster Trio with Luffy being above all of them now because of Gear Fifth.

Yamato becoming a member of the crew could be a milestone within the One Piece timeline, being the primary crew member that wasn’t instantly requested by Luffy to affix. Their preventing prowess and legendary Zoan Satan Fruit would absolutely be a useful addition to the Straw Hats’ set of abilities. Whereas it isn’t identified if Yamato might occupy a set place on the ship like how Sanji features because the cook dinner or Nami because the navigator, one other fighter is rarely a nasty factor. Because the Straw Hats start to enter the ultimate portion of the Grand Line, highly effective allies and crew members like Yamato will probably be wanted now greater than ever in future chapters of One Piece.

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