One Punch Man Voice Actors, Who Are The Voice Cast Of One Punch Man?


One Punch Man 

The powerful monsters and Villains causing havoc in the cities on earth. The millionaire Agoni introduces the hero association that makes the Superheroes to fight against the evils.Saitama a hero comes from the City Z and gives heroic deeds as a hobby. He becomes the mentor to Genos, who is a cyborg. The monster association attacks various cities and destroys them. Garo destroys most of the heroes, but Saitama wins over him.

One Punch Man Voice Actors

One- Punch Man is a superhero Franchise, which was made by the Artist ONE. This is the story of Saitama, a superhero who searches to find a new enemy.  In 2009, the ONE wrote the original webcomic version. 

One Punch Man Characters And Voice Actors (Main)

Many people had dubbed for the One Man hero Saitama. Here is the list of Voice actors who gave their voices to Saitama in various languages.  

Character name Voice Actor name  Language 


Ishikawa Kaito Japanese
Puig Enric Spanish
Aquilone Flavio Italian
Aguilar Zach English
Torres Jhonny Spanish
Di Fiori Michel Portuguese (BR)
Sablik Nico German


Character name Voice Actor name  Language 


Furukawa Makota Japanese
Campaiola  Alessandro Italian
Ruiz Víctor Spanish
Wien Fabian Oscar German
Mittelman Max English
Cotentin Aurélien French
Chesman Yuri Portuguese 
Torrent Darío Spanish

One Punch Man Voice Actors (Supporting)

Character name Voice Actor name  Language 

All Back-Man

Tezuka Hiromichi Japanese
Rogers Bill English
Fritzsche Rainer German
Garcia Roberto Portuguese (BR)
Rogers Bill English


Character name Voice Actor name  Language 

Armored Gorilla


Tang Kaiji English
Yamamoto, Shouta Japanese
Bonetto Giuliano Italian
Schmitz Tilo German
Pissardini Marcelo Portuguese (BR)


Character name Voice Actor name  Language 

Atomic Samurai 


Tsuda Kenjirou Japanese
Hebert Kyle English
Scarafoni Riccardo Italian
Marconatto Alexandre Portuguese (BR)
Gijón Del Valle Germán Spanish


Character name Voice Actor name  Language 

Beast King 


Saitou Jirou Japanese
St. Peter Paul English
Santerini Stefano Italian
Klebsch Klaus-Diete German
Abreu Marco Antônio Portuguese (BR)


Character name Voice Actor name  Language 

Bespectacled Worker


Ueda Youji Japanese
Hebert Kyle English
Onofri Stefano Italian
Campuzano Manuel Spanish
Zilse Felipe Portuguese (BR)


Character name Voice Actor name  Language 

Blue Fire 


Hasegawa Yoshiaki Japanese
Le Minoux Martial French
Vaz Márcio Portuguese 


Character name Voice Actor name  Language 



Genda Tesshou Japanese
Price Jamieson English
Bitossi Massimo Italian
Sanz Boris Spanish
Marchetti César Portuguese (BR)
Sense Torsten German


Character name Voice Actor name  Language 



Morikawa Toshiyuki Japanese
Jai Alex Chris English
Merluzzo, Maurizio Italian
Casany José Manuel Spanish
Tiraboschi Armando Portuguese (BR)
Gradi Emmanuel French

Japanese One Punch Man Voice Actor for Genos 

Kaito Ishikawa gave his voice to Genos in Kaito Ishikawa is a voice actor from Tokyo,Japan. He was born on 13th October 1993. He performed in the production of Great Adventure of Gamba. Ishikawa joined a drama club after graduating from High School. He came to know about the role from a friend. He received the Best Actor in a Supporting Role award at the 14th Seiyu Awards. 

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