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Drama Info:

Title: Oops! The King Is In Love (愿我如星君如月) Yuan Wo Ru Xing Jun Ru Yue
Episodes: 24
Release Date: June 15, 2020
Film Location: Xiangshan
Summary: The drama is adapted from the novel “Emperor’s Second Disease” by Migu Yuedu. It tells the story of Yan Zhi Xia, the daughter of Shang Shu, who accidentally enters the palace as an eunuch. She accompanies strange and handsome Emperor Yan Jin as he deals with court turmoils, and eventually they fall in love.

Plot Synoposis:

The story follows Yan Zhi Xia, daughter of Shang Shu, who disguises herself as a man and enters the palace. She gets mistaken for a eunuch and cannot leave.

She meets Emperor Yan Jin, a handsome man with a strange personality and is forced to become the emperor’s personal eunuch. Step by step Yan Jin helps her become the Chief Eunuch of the palace.

Zhi Xia thinks that she is talented but little did she know that Yan Jin already knew of her true identity before she entered the palace. It seems to be a story of a little eunuch who wants to climb to a higher rank but in fact, it is the emperor’s who is planning to create a powerful girl and ally.

Cast & Characters:
Zhu Jian

Zhu Jian 朱戬 as Yan Jin 严锦
The narcissistic and middle-aged emperor who has a petite temper, a gentle side, and is extremely intelligent. In court, he and the empress dowager have been in a political power struggle for many years. He falls in love with Yan Zhi Xia.

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Ma Meng Wei 马梦唯 as Yan Zhi Xia 颜知夏
Outside the palace she is known as Big Bro Yu Qi Lin. In the palace she is the emperor’s personal eunuch and treasure.

Supporting Characters

Fu Wei Lun 付伟伦 as Lin Yan Qing 林晏清
He initially has a marriage contract with Yan Zhi Xia and the emperor appoints him as a scholar. He yearns to travel through jianghu. At the end he marries Princess An Le.

Xiong Yu Ting

Xiong Yu Ting 熊玉婷 as Gong Zhi Yue 龚止月
A capable female general. She is skilled on the battlefield but also capable in singing, poetry, and painting. She comes from a well-established family background, has a straightforward personality, and is in love with the emperor.

Tan Xiao Fan 谭晓凡 as Princess An Le 安乐公主
The emperor’s sister. She is full of vitality, beautiful and frank, simple and lovely. In the early days, she competes with her brother for Zhi Xia. Later, she falls in love with Lin Yan Qing at first sight.

Wang Sha

Wang Sha 王厦 as Ye Lu Ming 耶律铭
A warrior and Yan Jin’s good friend. In order to protect Yan Jin’s seat as emperor, he heads to the battlefield. He falls for Gong Zhi Yue and chases after her.

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Airing Schedule

Start: June 15, 2020
Frequency: 2 episodes every Monday and Tuesday
End: July 21, 2020

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Xin By Zhi Jin 心不自禁 by Zhou Pin 周品

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