Park Jin Young Says He’s Never Seen A Group Stay As Close As TWICE For 7 Years

JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young had high praise for the members of TWICE!

On October 22, Park Jin Young took to Instagram to congratulate TWICE on the seventh anniversary of their debut.

After tagging TWICE, he wrote in Korean:

There’s no other group like this.

I’ve produced many groups and watched countless others from the sidelines up until now, but I’ve never seen a group sincerely treasure and care for one another to this extent for over seven years.


They are endlessly beautiful and deserving of gratitude, and they get more and more lovable the more you see them… that’s who TWICE is. They’re so lovely.

Park Jin Young also added the following message in English:

I’ve produced and watched so many groups in my lifetime but I never saw a group stay this tight for 7 long years.

How can we not love [these] beautiful modest sweethearts? Just wanna tell you that I’m so proud of you and I love you.

Congratulations to TWICE on the seventh anniversary of their debut!

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