Past Footage Of Hyun Bin And Son Ye Jin’s First Kiss During “Crash Landing On You” Resurfaces Showing How Far They’ve Come

Netizens were over the moon when it was revealed on February 10 that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were officially getting married. As soon as Dispatch announced that the couple was dating in 2021, fans have just been waiting for the day they officially announced their marriage, and it’s finally come!

Son Ye Jin (left) and Hyun Bin | @yejinhand/ Instagram

With the announcement, netizens are rightly digging into the archives and finding adorable content from the pairs’ past.

In particular, one clip has gained recently gained more attention from fans, and it is from the show that they both met, which was Crash Landing On You. The two play starstruck loves from two very different worlds in the series, and their chemistry was off the charts.

Son Ye Jin (left) and Hyun Bin (right) in Crash Landing On You | Netflix

While filming the series, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin allegedly had their first kiss while cameras were there for the entire thing. A video on The Swoon YouTube channel showed Hyun Bin trying to figure out the best way to kiss Son Ye Jin before the cameras started to roll.


Although he is a veteran actor, he seemed unsure of how to do it, asking the director for some advice on which side he should go in from.


Even when the cameras started rolling, Hyun Bin wanted to make sure everything looked perfect. There was no denying their kiss looked passionate on the first take. Son Ye Jin joked that it might have seemed rushed because she started laughing.

Luckily, if either of them had any nerves after the initial takes, they didn’t show it as their next try was so passionate that it had the cameras swooning.

Even the camera crew and staff on the set couldn’t get over it, explaining, “That’s good,” while many were laughing at how natural it all seemed.

After the shot, the two went to review the scene, and although they might have been surprised to see the reaction from the cast, they definitely understood as they watched it back themselves.

Standing what seemed like very closely (or maybe it’s just overreading their cuteness), neither Hyun Bin nor Son Ye Jin could hide their own reaction, which was pure hysterical laughter.

At first, it seemed like the two were feeling a bit awkward about the scene, which was understandable as it was in front of a lot of people. Yet, it seemed to definitely break the ice as the other kisses scene in the show seemed a lot more effortless and romantic…

| tvN

| tvN

And now they’re getting married, the closeness between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin is unbeatable. They shared the most intimate picture of them holding hands…

| @vast.ent/ Instagram

To even just going out shopping together. It shows just how natural they feel about each other and the journey they’ve been on from co-stars to starting a new life together.

After announcing their marriage, the comments were flooded with people coming back to reminisce on some of the first interactions between them, which rightly made them soft AF.

Hopefully, it isn’t long before more details are shared about the wedding. In the meantime, netizens can just enjoy going back and watching all the content proving they are meant to be together.

You can watch the whole video below.

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