Path of Exile 3.22.0B Patch Notes: Updates and Fixes

New Patch Notes of Path of Exile Has Arrived

Brace yourselves for a thrilling announcement that has just thundered into our gaming world like a tempestuous storm! The long-awaited Path of Exile 3.22.0b patch notes have unfurled their epic scroll before us, promising a cascade of electrifying updates and game-changing enhancements that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

With hearts pounding and anticipation soaring, let us dive headfirst into a realm of unprecedented excitement and awe-inspiring changes. Imagine, my fellow players, the rush of discovering new horizons as the world of Wraeclast morphs before your very eyes. Behold, the culmination of endless dedication from the developers, a symphony of bug fixes, balancing adjustments, and dazzling new features that promise to shape your Path of Exile experience like never before.

Unleash your curiosity as you explore the intricate details of this patch. Gather your allies, and embark on this epic journey as you delve into the Path of Exile 3.22.0b patch notes. The time has come to seize your destiny, to forge ahead into uncharted territories, and to revel in the sheer exhilaration of a game transformed.

Path of Exile 3.22.0B Patch Notes

3.22.0B Hotfix

Trial of the Ancestors Improvements

  • Improved the scaling of rewards offered for higher rankings. Non-final matches now have a chance to offer rewards that can usually only be offered for the final match. The chance of this occurring slightly increases as the Tournament progresses, and also increases with your ranking.

  • The chance to be offered some of the more valuable reward outcomes has been increased.

  • Increased the stack size and stack size variance of Currency and Scarabs offered as rewards.

  • Divination Card rewards now have varying stack sizes, and the cards offered now improve as the rounds progress.

  • You can now be offered 3-5 of a random Tattoo from the relevant Tribe as a reward for the final match in a Tournament.

  • Enemy teams can no longer have more than one Titanic Shell Warrior.

  • The Rongokurai Tribe now Overwhelm 30% of Physical Damage Reduction (previously 50%).

  • Significantly lowered the Damage of Goliath of the Night’s Earthquake Skill.

  • Reduced the range of which Storm Conduit can use their Lightning Beam.

  • Lowered the damage from the Trawler’s Fish Trap Skill.

  • Players and Warriors that have been prevented from reviving for 10 seconds, through the Consuming Kunekune’s Spirit Consumption or Hinekora’s Horn’s Spiritual Capture Skills, now have a 10 second respite period where their revive cannot be prevented.

  • The Sunset Sage Warrior can now decide to channel on an enemy Ancestral Totem from further away.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where skills that prevented reviving or increased revival speed could be applied to alive Players and Warriors in The Eye of Destiny.

  • Fixed a bug where you did not have a short Grace Period after reviving at your Ancestral Totem in The Eye of Destiny.

  • Fixed a bug where some early-rank Trial of the Ancestor rewards rarely failed to generate in Ruthless.

  • Fixed four instance crashes.

Changes will apply in instances created after this hotfix was deployed. New instances of the Halls of the Dead can be created by Ctrl+Clicking on the World Map Pin.


Short Summary of Path of Exile 3.22.0B Patch Notes

In Path of Exile’s 3.22.0b Patch:

  • Trial of the Ancestors gets exciting updates with better rewards and balanced gameplay.
  • Currency and Scarab rewards are more generous.
  • Divination Card rewards improve as rounds progress.
  • Unique Tattoos can be rewarded in the final match.
  • Enemy teams can no longer have multiple Titanic Shell Warriors.
  • Several skill adjustments for balance.
  • Bug fixes and crash resolutions.
  • New instances can be created for the Halls of the Dead.

Get ready for an enhanced gaming experience in Wraeclast!

About Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a gripping, free-to-play action role-playing video game that has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. Developed and published by Grinding Gear Games, this epic journey began with an open beta phase and culminated in its official release for Microsoft Windows in October 2013.

The game’s immersive narrative unfolds in a dark fantasy world, where the oppressive government of Oriath exiles its people to the forsaken continent of Wraeclast, a land steeped in ancient mysticism and plagued by formidable deities. Players step into the shoes of these exiles and can select from seven distinctive character classes: the brutish Marauder, the nimble Duelist, the swift Ranger, the enigmatic Shadow, the arcane Witch, the righteous Templar, and the mysterious Scion. Each class offers a unique playstyle and set of skills, allowing for diverse and personalized gaming experiences.

As exiles, players embark on a treacherous journey, battling their way through the perilous continent of Wraeclast. Their ultimate goal: to return to the oppressive shores of Oriath and confront ancient gods and malevolent forces that lurk in the shadows. The game’s dark and immersive world is richly crafted, offering a complex and engrossing storyline for players to uncover.

Path of Exile’s success has led to its expansion onto multiple platforms. It made its debut on Xbox One in August 2017 and later landed on PlayStation 4 in March 2019, broadening its player base and bringing its captivating world to a wider audience.

Furthermore, the future of Path of Exile looks incredibly promising, with the development of “Path of Exile 2” underway. Initially conceived as a major update for the original game, it has evolved into a standalone title, promising even more thrilling adventures, innovative gameplay, and a continuation of the dark and gripping narrative that fans have come to love.

Path of Exile stands as a testament to the power of immersive storytelling, captivating gameplay, and the dedication of its developers. It invites players to venture into a world of exile, darkness, and ancient mysteries, where their journey promises to be both challenging and unforgettable.

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