Paul Rudd Finds It Tough To Defeat Kang The Conqueror Using Viral Thanos Meme Method

Fans are crazy when it comes to making theories about their beloved franchise. For years now, fan theories around Marvel storylines or characters are seen on the internet. Some of them are very logical & interesting, others are totally out of the box & crazy theories that one couldn’t have thought of even the creators who sit in Marvel’s writers room.

During Avengers Endgame a lot of fan theories were making rounds on the internet. There was one such theory meme that got viral on the internet and recently was addressed by a Marvel actor himself. So the theory was that why didn’t Scott Lang shrink and flew inside Thanos’s butt to kill him in a much easier yet creative way.

Endgame ended with Tony Stark sacrificing his life by snapping his fingers in order to save the universe. This meme suggests that if Scott would have used this method no one would have died and Thanos would have been defeated in a simpler way. Antman & The Wasp Quantumania will soon be released in theatres next year. It will feature Kang The Conquerer’s evil version for the first time. Fans are curious to know from Paul Rudd whether will he use the butt tactic for killing Kang or not. Let’s find out from the actor himself.

Will The Thanos Meme Finally Come True?

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Paul Rudd addressed the famous Thanos Meme and how fans out there considered it as a missed opportunity. Paul says that even though this theory would have worked in the case of Thanos. He isn’t sure if this method will help him defeat Kang The Conqueror.

He thinks it’s tough to take out Kang in such a way, assuming that his other parts would also be “tough” just like him. Antman & The Wasp: Quantumania will release on 17th February 2023.


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