Performances That Shows ONEWE’s YongHoon Is An Exceptional Vocalist

YongHoon is a member of the multitalented K-Pop Rock band ONEWE, whose discography is filled with bops and has solidified their stance as one of the best rock bands in K-Pop history. At the helm of their great music is YongHoon, known for his rich sonorous voice and high notes that would make a sparrow beam with envy. Through his performances, the idol has constantly shown the world that he is a gifted vocalist and with each performance, we are opportune to witness another level of his awesome talent. 

Not yet a fan? Here are some performances that might make you one today. 



The jewel of WEVE (ONEWE’s fandom) has always lived up to his expectations with his thrilling performances and this one wasn’t an exception. Goosebumps from start to finish, his vocals render so many emotions that are as compelling and thoughtful as they are resonant and pleasing to the ear. 



2. IU’s ‘Love Poem’ cover and ‘REGULUS’

YongHoon along with ONEWE took a very somber, emotional, and melodiously haunting song, added their spin on it, and made it feel more than just a cover. YongHoon starts off this performance with his soft-toned voice that gradually brings you into the performance and by the chorus, we get a burst of pure vocals and harmonious flow between the members of the group. On this same stage, they performed ‘REGULUS’ and YongHoon with the other members continued to thrill fans with their impressive talents. 


3.  MAMAMOO‘s ‘Egotistic’ cover 

This performance was as close to perfect as it could get as the group delivered an exemplary band version of MAMAMOO’s hit song, ‘Egotistic’. YongHoon once again showed viewers how well he has mastered his musical technique and how dynamic his vocal texture is. He could be loud and gruff, or he could be soft and delicate, but with any kind of concept, there is always a steadiness in his vocals, that makes it undeniably fascinating.  


4. Adam Levine ‘Go Now’ cover

Okay, so he is not just a gifted vocalist but an impressive guitarist too? With so much clarity in his pronunciation and his soft and soothing tone which is amplified by the beautiful guitar strings, YongHoon alongside fellow member KangHyun makes this song cover so emotional and powerful. Can we appreciate the stunning harmonization between KangHyun’s strings and YongHoon’s vocals at 1:49 minutes? 


5. ‘Rain To Be’ 

‘Rain To Be’ is one of the group’s most streamed songs and for due reasons. YongHoon’s vocals are once again present in their full glory and splendor with the sole aim of sending chills down the spine of listeners. He masterfully switches his tone throughout this song. Powerful, raw, and ever so emotional, along with the other members who were equally perfect with their own instruments, YongHoon once again delivered a masterpiece. Also, who literally performs underwater? Talk about bringing a concept to life. Performance art on display. Click here to watch the acoustic version and here to watch the making of this brilliant music video.


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