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Q is just not a simple man, and he would not have a simple plan – what was the enigmatic entity’s Star Trek: Picard season 2 scheme, why was every step taken, and what does the longer term maintain? Although Q’s presence has rippled all through the Star Trek franchise, everybody is aware of Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard is his favourite plaything, having first met the Enterprise-D captain throughout their 1987 debut. Famend for his propensity to poke and prod Picard with time-twisting exams of human mortality, an look from the godlike Q is never welcomed by inhabitants of Star Trek‘s universe. When John de Lancie’s character returned in Star Trek: Picard season 2, due to this fact, Jean-Luc would’ve been internally recreating his well-known “face-palm” meme.


The devilish Q plucked Picard from his pure timeline – alongside fellow major characters Rios, Seven of 9, Raffi, Agnes Jurati, and Elnor – on the very second the Stargazer self-destructed. The group emerged to search out their timeline altered – the peaceable Federation a dictatorship referred to as the Confederation, and Jean-Luc Picard one in every of its most fervent servants. Needing to set historical past on its rightful course, Picard’s gang traveled again to 2024, when Q created a divergence by stopping Renée Picard’s Europa flight.

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Star Trek: Picard‘s season 2 finale reveals Q’s true intentions have been far much less villainous than his outdated nemesis presumed. How does every motion taken by Q correspond to his final purpose of serving to Jean-Luc?

What Was Q’s REAL Purpose In Star Trek: Picard Season 2?

Picard Q Hug Finale

Jean-Luc Picard assumed Q’s newest trial was one other wicked take a look at for his personal amusement. Although Picard did discover one thing uncommon about Q’s new demeanor upon returning, the Starfleet Admiral drastically underestimated his demigod pal’s capability for kindness. Someday earlier than Star Trek: Picard season 2 started, Q sensed he was dying (or as near dying because the Q Continuum will get), and felt the painful sting of mortality for the primary time. Q was particularly upset by the prospect of dying alone and, predictably, turned his attentions to “Mon Capitaine” as soon as once more.

In Star Trek: Picard‘s season 2 finale, Q reveals he did not need Jean-Luc to die alone, however knew his artificial pal may by no means expertise real love whereas the specter of a painful childhood nonetheless lingered. Thus, Q designed Star Trek: Picard season 2’s total state of affairs as an elaborate remedy session that might pressure Jean-Luc to confront his demons, then return to his personal timeline lastly prepared for love. As Picard rightfully factors out, Q’s scheme additionally had an ulterior film – Star Trek‘s all-powerful meddler obtained to spend his final moments with an individual he was keen on, quite than dying alone.

Why Did Q Create Star Trek: Picard’s Confederation Timeline?

A concerned Picard looking up

For Jean-Luc Picard to mentally course of the long-gestating trauma of his mom’s demise, Q wanted to give Picard a shot at altering that harrowing second. That is why Q’s lesson involves an finish as quickly as Picard locations the skeleton key of his household château again in its rightful place. Had Jean-Luc destroyed this relic in 2024, his future self would by no means launch his mom from that locked room, and Yvette would not take her personal life. By refusing to change this traumatic second, the 90-something-year-old Picard lastly makes peace together with his mom’s passing.

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Did Q actually must create that total Confederation dystopia simply to convey Picard some emotional closure? Was there not an easier methodology of laying these ghosts to relaxation? In all probability, however that is Q we’re speaking about – a time-traveling showman with a aptitude for the dramatic. By turning Star Trek‘s actuality into the terrible Confederation dystopia, Q left Picard little possibility however to plot a course again by way of time – a time earlier than he was born, and when the skeleton key would nonetheless be hidden on the château. Picard’s glimpse of a darkish alternate future was only a shove in the appropriate route, not Q’s endgame.

Nonetheless, Q’s Confederation timeline additionally confirmed Picard how one pull on historical past’s thread can destroy the longer term. Studying this lesson ensured Picard would settle for Yvette’s demise as a tragic however obligatory step in his journey by way of life. That does not imply Picard would’ve precipitated the Confederation timeline by destroying the skeleton key (the Europa mission was the essential issue there), however eradicating the important thing may have triggered perilous ramifications of its personal. Seeing Q’s Confederation helps Jean-Luc avert that conclusion.

Q By no means Meant Renée Picard’s Europa Mission To Fail

Renee Picard Shuttle

There are any variety of methods Star Trek‘s nearly-immortal imp may’ve ruined historical past – why select one involving Picard’s personal ancestor? Although Q would not say so explicitly, bringing Jean-Luc and Renée Picard collectively represented an enormous second of therapeutic for the loveless Admiral. Similar to Yvette, Renée struggled along with her psychological well being, and Jean-Luc notes this himself whereas convincing his ancestor to push ahead with the Europa mission. The younger Jean-Luc could not assist his unwell mom, however he may assist Renée, and this slither of redemption might clarify why Q particularly picked the Europa thread to tug.

Although the pair are divided by generations, Jean-Luc and Renée are very related Picards. When the time-traveler implored Renée to not let internal “darkness” steal away desires of astronaut renown, he would possibly as properly have been chatting with himself. Jean-Luc has spent a long time turning away from love resulting from a painful childhood reminiscence, identical to Renée desires to show away from her area journey resulting from despair. Q concocted a state of affairs whereby Picard helped a relative overcome internal demons just like his personal.

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Q’s curiosity in Renée Picard was purely as a remedy software. He had no intention of truly stopping the Europa mission and, in actuality, knew the fateful flight would go forward as deliberate. As proof the longer term was by no means in any actual hazard, the Borg Queen from Star Trek: Picard season 2’s premiere was Agnes Jurati all alongside. The one means Agnes might be Borg-ed up earlier than Q’s interjection is that if the timeline performed out precisely because it was meant to, and Picard’s journey to 2024 was already woven into historical past’s grand tapestry.

Why Q Requested Adam Soong For Assist (& Then Helped Kore)

Brent Spiner Picard Season 2 Soong

If Q was secretly serving to Jean-Luc Picard, why blackmail Dr. Adam Soong into preventing towards the Admiral? Q works in mysterious methods, and apparently would not really feel inclined to element his considering, however one doable clarification is Q’s waning energy. Star Trek: Picard season 2’s “Watcher” exhibits Q making an attempt to “snap” Renée, however his magic abruptly fails. Unable to depend on his typical tips to make Renée doubt herself, exploiting Adam Soong’s scientific ego was maybe plan B. One other risk is that Q wanted Soong to run Picard over. Colliding with the Soongmobile despatched Picard right into a coma-like state the place he replayed haunted maternal reminiscences alongside Tallinn. Sharing his grief with a detailed pal (or somebody that appeared like a detailed pal) marked the start of Picard coming to phrases with the previous.

Much less clear is why Q helped Kore, since liberating Soong’s daughter would not have an effect on Picard’s progress in any significant means. Maybe Q merely had a second of ethical insanity and determined to carry out another good deed earlier than dying, or possibly liberating Kore was how Q prevented additional adjustments to Star Trek‘s timeline. Adam Soong’s pc was stuffed with traces of Q, data of futuristic drugs, and flecks of Borg know-how. After Q units Kore free, she wipes Soong’s arduous drive, eliminating that doubtlessly history-changing proof. An enormous fan of poetic symbolism, Q most likely additionally obtained a kick out of together with the ancestor of Knowledge’s creator in his ultimate Jean-Luc Picard trial.

Can Q Return In Star Trek: Picard Season 3?

John de Lancie as Q Star Trek Picard

Star Trek: Picard season 2 ends with Q expending his final dregs of energy to ship Jean-Luc and buddies again to their very own timeline, throwing within the added bonus of a revived Elnor. Is that this actually the top for John de Lancie in Star Trek?

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No eventuality could be fully dominated out the place Q is concerned. Not even the godlike maestro himself is aware of what demise will convey, that means the Q Continuum’s model of afterlife is likely to be significantly much less “ultimate” than everyone else’s. The paradox of Q’s subsequent vacation spot definitely leaves the door barely ajar for a future comeback. Additionally price remembering is how John de Lancie himself broke the information that Star Trek: Picard season 2 and three have been filming back-to-back – a powerful indication of Q’s presence in the third and ultimate outing.

After such an emotive and significant farewell, nonetheless, Q’s future return would threat undermining the influence of Star Trek: Picard‘s season 2 finale. That ultimate embrace with Jean-Luc Picard was lump-in-throat stuff, however loses all relevance if Q strolls into season 3 like nothing occurred. Q definitely can make a comeback in Star Trek: Picard, however whether or not he ought to is a wholly completely different matter.

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