Pokémon GO: Nidoran (M) Highlight Hour Information

Nidoran (M) is the fourth Highlight Hour Pokémon in Pokémon GO this August. Trainers can count on to catch many for sweet and even discover a shiny model.

Nidoran (M), the Poison Pin Pokémon, will seem later within the month as a Pokémon GO Highlight Hour encounter. Throughout this time, the spawn fee of Nidoran (M) will enhance, and gamers can count on a greater shot at catching a shiny Nidoran (M) in the course of the Highlight Hour. Shiny Nidoran (M) is hued in a pale blue, comparable in coloration to its feminine counterpart. Nidoran (M) is the fourth Highlight Hour Pokémon in Pokémon GO throughout August, showing at larger charges on Tuesday, August twenty third, from 6-7 PM native time.

Totally evolving a Nidoran (M) will take 125 candies to finish, so trainers who don’t have already got one of their Pokédex can use this chance to fill up on candies. Deliver plentiful Poké Balls and berries to help in catching. If gamers are attempting to up their consumption of Nidoran (M) candies, make the most of Pinap Berries. Capturing a high-CP Nidoran that will probably be used for battling may require utilizing a Razz Berry or a Nanab Berry. Since many encounters will probably be essential, trainers could run out of Poké Balls throughout this hour, leaving them to make the most of the brand new Day by day Journey Incense characteristic in Pokémon GO that grants them free Poké Balls.


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Nidoran (M) ‘s Highlight Hour perk is 2x Switch Sweet. Because of this gamers can switch any Pokémon throughout this time, not simply Nidoran (M), and obtain double the sweet they normally would. When catching excessive numbers of Nidoran (M) or different Pokémon, this perk can pace up the time it takes to evolve one. Every Highlight Hour comes with a novel perk like this.

How To Counter Nidoran (M) in Pokémon GO

Nidoran (M) has the identical typing as its feminine counterpart discovered earlier within the month, Poison-type. It evolves into Nidorino when 25 candies are used and once more into Nidoking with one other 100 candies. Nidoking positive factors the Floor-type along with the Poison-type, and due to this, Nidoking is weak to Water-, Psychic-, Ice-, and Floor-type strikes and resists Combating-, Rock-, Fairy-, and Bug-type assaults. It vastly resists Electrical and Poison-type assaults. Nidoking can also be one of many signature Pokémon of Staff Rocket’s Boss Giovanni in Pokémon GO, who’s challengeable this month.

Nidoking has higher protection choices than Nidoqueen, given its entry to extra different-typed strikes. The perfect moveset, nonetheless, is similar as Nidoqueen’s: quick transfer Poison Jab and charged transfer Earthquake. Poison Jab will probably be tremendous efficient in opposition to Fairy and Grass-types, whereas Earthquake will probably be tremendous efficient in opposition to Metal-, Rock-, Poison- and Electrical-types. For extra protection, trainers can decide to modify out Poison Jab for Iron Tail, a Metal-type assault, and Earthquake for Megahorn, a Bug-type assault. Nidoking is a superb possibility within the Pokémon GO Battle League. Nonetheless, its entry to Earthquake may function an assist in difficult this month’s Raids in opposition to Zamazenta and Zacian in Pokémon GO.

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Pokémon GO is offered now on iOS and Android.

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