Pokémon GO: Pidove Highlight Hour Information

Pidove would be the last Highlight Hour Pokémon for August. Gamers can intention to discover a shiny model of the Unova chook Pokémon throughout this occasion.

Pidove, the Tiny Pigeon Pokémon, is coming to Pokémon GO Highlight Hour on the very finish of the month, growing its spawn fee and giving gamers an excellent alternative to catch it as shiny. Pidove’s shiny kind is sort of just like its major kind, with its black-hued wings and beak tinted to a vibrant blue as an alternative. Its last kind, Unfezant, additionally has a serious distinction between female and male types. Because the fifth and last Highlight Hour Pokémon in Pokémon GO, Pidove will likely be obtainable on Tuesday, August thirtieth, from 6-7 PM native time.

Pidove will likely be a comparatively straightforward seize for many gamers, so gamers ought to make sure to top off on Poké Balls and Pinap Berries to extend what number of are caught, and what number of candies they obtain. For higher-CP Pidoves which might be meant for aggressive use or locking in a shiny seize, intention to make use of Razz Berries to extend the chances of a profitable seize. Maximizing what number of Pidoves are caught on this hour is vital to maximizing the Highlight’s distinctive buff. For gamers low on Poké Balls, the brand new Each day Journey Incense function in Pokémon GO can enhance provides for gamers with below 30 Poké Balls whole.


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The distinctive buff that will likely be obtainable for this Highlight Hour is 2x Evolution XP. Pairing this with a Pokémon like Pidove, with a comparatively low sweet requirement for evolution (12) provides gamers an excellent alternative to stage up rapidly. Purpose to catch as many Pidoves as doable throughout this time, then evolve them into Tranquill and Unfezant to realize the bonus XP. As with all buffs throughout Highlight Hours, 2x Evolution XP will likely be granted to all Pokémon, not simply Pidove.

Pidove & Unfezant Aggressive Information in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO Pidove Spotlight Hour Guide

Pidove is a Regular- and Flying-type Pokémon, retaining its kind when evolving into Tranquill with 12 candies, and Unfezant with 50. Unfezant will take super-effective harm from Ice-, Rock-, and Electrical-type strikes in Pokémon GO. It resists Bug- and Grass-type strikes, whereas drastically resisting Floor- and Ghost-type strikes, its mainline immunities. This typing, although widespread, can nonetheless present some aggressive advantages within the Pokémon GO Battle League, particularly in decrease tiers.

Unfezant depends on its Flying-type strikes to be a profitable counter to Grass-, Bug-, and Preventing-types. For the very best Flying-type offense, decide to make use of the quick transfer Air Slash, and the charged transfer Sky Assault. Unfezant additionally has entry to the Metal-type transfer Metal Wing as a quick assault, and the Fireplace-type transfer Warmth Wave as a charged assault. Although Unfezant will not be usually a aggressive decide, it might be of use in defeating any of the Crew Rocket Bosses in Pokémon GO throughout the month of August.

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Pokémon GO is on the market now on iOS and Android.

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