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Welcome to our guide of “Elden Ring: How To Defeat Godfrey?”. In Elden Ring’s capital city, Godfrey is a strong boss. Here’s how you beat the First Elden Lord, Godfrey.

Elden Ring: How To Defeat Godfrey?

How to locate Godfrey in Elden Ring?

Godfrey is found in Lyndell, The Lands Between’s Royal Capital. To get to the centre, you’ll have to battle your way across the shattered city. Soon after, you’ll come upon a massive stone dragon that you could climb to visit another portion of the Lyndell. You’ll be able to jump into a small nook with a ladder after climbing the dragon. Once you’ve climbed to the top, you’ll have to cope with (or flee from) a knight on guard duty. You’ll ultimately notice some enormous tree roots leading up to a shrine in the sky after you’ve past him.
When going across these roots, be cautious since some tree people adversaries will attack you; however, if you’re sneaky, you can outflank most of them. To get to the temple and an ominous looking fog gate, keep going on the roots up & to the left.

How to defeat Godfrey in Elden Ring?

There will be no cutscene or fanfare before the boss encounter with Godfrey begins. Instead, this golden, enormous, axe-wielding warrior would trudge at you before sprinting madly. Godfrey has a variety of attacks; some need him to leap into the air & fling a axe at you, whilst others require him to keep hold of the axe & land with a thud.

Both of these assaults give you a few seconds to strike him, dodge his devastating blows, and take use of the extra time they provide. Wildling swings his axe in a wide range of pairings that you don’t want to get captured in. These last 3 or 4 strikes, so try to figure out which one he’s doing & be prepared to strike once he’s finished a combo. Naturally, you should roll and avoid his strikes. Covering is also helpful but if numerous strikes connect in full, his sheer force & ferocity will knock your guard. As a result, dodging is the best option.

Ranged and magical users can to hit him with pot shots while they evade but melee gamers will have to surround him and attack in those crucial times. We highly urge taking your tanky Spirit Summon to this encounter unless you’re certain in his move set. You’ll be able to capture his attention and exploit more loopholes in his assaults this way. Once he shifts in to strike them, a targetable summon will most likely drop dead early in the fight. Godfrey, despite his intimidating appearance, is a rather straightforward boss in Elden Ring. The key is to study his moves and show up with your A-game. Remember that once he’s defeated, you’ll have to confront Godfrey again in a far more tough battle later.


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