Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Where Can You Pre-order It?

Welcome to our guide of “Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Where Can You Pre-order It?”. Pokemon Generation 9 has been confirmed for release on the Nintendo Switch around late 2022. In this guide we will show you where you can pre-order it.

When Game Freak announced that the 9th generation would begin in 2022, Pokemon lovers all over the world were astonished. The new RPG, dubbed Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, appears to be situated in a region inspired by Spain. Multiple stores will be taking pre – orders of this open-world game. This will be released at the conclusion of the year. This Gen 9 title is available for purchase in the following locations.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Where Can You Pre-order It?

Where can you pre-order Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

When the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet comes at the end of 2022, players will have a slew of alternatives for where to buy it, similar to prior generations. Fans who want to enjoy the game as soon as possible can do so by purchasing it digitally on Nintendo’s eShop. In addition, most stores now sell codes that may be used to redeem games on your console. Collectors who like to have a tangible copy will wish to get the greatest price they can.

You can buy the digital pre-orders for $59.99 from Nintendo eShop and physical pre-orders for $59.99 from Amazon. Once “Pokemon Legends Arceus” was launched from January 2022, the Game Freak gave gamers a variety of preorder incentives. Including a holographic Pokemon card, plushies, and even an Arceus statue. Given that “Pokemon Scarlet & Violet” is indeed the franchise’s ninth generation, we anticipate a similar release with a slew of treasures and treats to be found.


So, this was our guide for “Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Where Can You Pre-order It?”. Feel free to leave a comment below. Stay tuned for more upcoming updates.

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