Poppy Playtime Characters Turn out to be Creepy Minecraft Mobs In New Video

A Minecraft participant has modded the characters from Poppy Playtime into Minecraft by reskinning mobs from the sport, and the outcomes are terrifying.

Poppy Playtime characters like Huggy Wuggy and Daddy Lengthy Legs have been was customized Minecraft mobs by halvetone. Halvetone has made many movies about remaking Minecraft mobs into acquainted characters. These movies embrace characters from 5 Nights at Freddy’s, Pokémon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Marvel, and extra.

Together with its common solid, Poppy Playtime is stuffed with characters which were implied to exist by both toys, posters, or different hints hidden across the surroundings. For instance, Child Lengthy Legs and Daddy Lengthy Legs have solely been seen on posters in Chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime and haven’t made any in-character appearances but. Nevertheless, for the reason that debut of Mommy Lengthy Legs in Chapter 2, followers have been interested by this household she apparently has and if they are going to have any elements to play sooner or later chapters. Lastly, nevertheless, now followers can see all of them collectively in Minecraft, thanks to 1 devoted fan.


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YouTube content material creator Halvetone took the mobs of Minecraft and recrafted them into terrifying Poppy Playtime characters. First up was Child Lengthy Legs, which was made by taking a pig and reshaping the physique and recoloring it. Then Daddy Lengthy Longs was made in an analogous methodology by modifying the physique of a Strider. In a earlier video, Halvetone had made Mommy Lengthy Legs from a spider, thus in a position to convey the whole Lengthy Legs household collectively on display. Subsequent got here Huggy Wuggy, who was created by resculpting an Iron Golem; he’s even spawned the identical manner because the golems by inserting iron blocks and carved pumpkins collectively. Then there was Bron constituted of a cow, Cat Bee from a bee, and at last Sweet Cat from certainly one of Minecraft‘s cats. Most of those characters’ creepy and off-putting vibes carried by of their Minecraft fashions as they jittered and swarmed round Halvetone.

Daddy Lengthy Legs ended up being the tallest mob, even taller than the Endermen, however what made all of them genuinely terrifying was the damaged waddle-like stroll cycles and the moments when heads and limbs did not join with their physique. Creations like these making an attempt to work with the unique mobs’ already given behaviors and framework make for creepy and hilarious distortions. The exception to this terrifying revelation got here from Cat Bee and Sweet Cat, who turned out to be each practical and surprisingly lovely. The “damaged toy” vibe that these edited Minecraft mobs have meshed effectively with the tone of Poppy Playtime, making a horrifyingly correct expertise.

These moments of legs not working how they’re speculated to, or Bron’s head floating both above or inside his neck, have created visuals which can be prone to keep inside followers’ minds and their nightmares. Within the meantime, followers might have extra edited mobs to look ahead to when extra chapters of Poppy Playtime launch. Followers wanting to incorporate these Poppy Playtime characters of their Minecraft recreation can obtain these edited mobs from Halvetone’s Discord server.

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Supply: halvetone/YouTube

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