Professional K-Pop Makeup Artist Explains Why It’s Sometimes Harder To Put Makeup On Dancers Than K-Pop Idols

Makeup isn’t just a necessary step for K-Pop idols before stepping on stage but for their dancers as well! They also have their looks enhanced prior to each performance, and sometimes it’s harder for the stylists to work on them than the singers themselves.

Street Woman Fighter dancers and Lee Hyori 

YouTube channel AYO invited hair artist Ryu Ji and makeup artist Jo Sun to an interview where they delved deeper into this topic based on their own experiences. They’ve worked with celebrities such as ITZY, BLACKPINK, and more.

Ryu Ji and Jo Sun 

The reason why they said it is sometimes harder to put makeup on dancers stems from the fact that there are many who are also very skilled at it. Ryu Ji and Jo Sun were all praise for them in this aspect!

Ryu Ji: Dancers are good at makeup.


Jo Sun: They’re really good.


They often have to pay closer attention to their work to ensure that the dancer’s high standards are kept.

Sometimes it’s trickier than idol makeup, since dancers can do their makeup so well.

— Jo Sun

Jo Sun singled out Street Woman Fighter contestant Simeez from LACHICA for her skills and ability to elevate any makeup look with her gorgeous features.

Simeez can pull off anything as well, even some colors that are hard to pull off. They look good on her, and she’s open to anything.

— Jo Sun

Simeez | @_simeez/Instagram

Check out the full video below to learn more about hair and makeup in the K-Pop industry.

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