Punisher Taking up Neo Nazis Is a Enormous Assertion About His Future

Punisher takes on the Hate-Monger and his military of Neo Nazis in a brand new Marvel Comics story, displaying the hero preventing again in opposition to white supremacy.

Warning! Spoilers for Punisher Conflict Journal: Blitz #1 by Marvel Comics

The Punisher is taking a stand in opposition to Neo Nazis as a brand new model of the villain Hate-Monger rises within the Marvel Universe. In Punisher Conflict Journal: Blitz #1 by Marvel Comics, Frank Fortress and the Hand go to conflict in opposition to the Hate-Monger, with Punisher making the mission private after coping with the identical villain a decade in the past and watching him kill numerous harmless lives.

The Hate-Monger is one among Marvel’s most controversial villains, as the unique model of the character was a clone of Adolf Hitler, who fought the Implausible 4 in a few of their earliest adventures. The hooded Nazi has since had a handful of different villains take up the mantle, nearly all of whom have pushed racist, white nationalist, and anti-immigrant agendas. With Punisher’s emblem being adopted by far-right white nationalists in actual life, Frank Fortress is taking a stand in opposition to Nazis within the comics, as he faces a brand new Hate-Monger with a private connection to the hero that occurred lengthy earlier than he modified his emblem and joined the Hand.


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In Punisher Conflict Journal: Blitz #1 by Torunn Gronbekk, Lan Medina, Antonio Fabela, and VC’s Cory Petit from Marvel Comics, Frank Fortress’s encounters with the most recent Hate-Monger previously and current are revealed. Within the current, Punisher takes on Hate-Monger’s forces, as they’re considerably armed, main him to confront the villain in Alaska. In the meantime, the flashback exhibits Fortress’s first encounter with the Nazi villain, the place he burns a bunch of harmless bystanders alive. In the end, Punisher will get revenge and kills Hate-Monger by feeding him to a bunch of polar bears, however earlier than doing so, Marvel makes a press release emphasizing Punisher doesn’t help the white supremacist.

Punisher Conflict Journal: Blitz #1 makes Frank Fortress’s place on the Hate-Monger, an evil man who retains Nazi memorabilia, together with the unique villain’s Nazi gown, completely clear. Punisher states he has no sympathy for the lads working with Hate-Monger; as quickly because the villain took on the Nazi moniker, he knew the place they stood. Punisher makes certain to kill anybody with Hate-Monger’s H image branded on their arm. When he lastly confronts Hate-Monger, he would not give him the gentleman’s dying he asks for; as an alternative, feeding him to polar bears.

Whereas Frank Fortress was by no means a supporter of Nazism or white supremacy, contemplating his previous emblem has been adopted by unhealthy actors supporting the hate teams, it is essential to see Punisher take a tough stance in opposition to those that have tried to co-opt his id. If he ever goes to reclaim his emblem sooner or later (if that is even attainable), Marvel might want to proceed to have him confront those that have tried to alter its which means. Punisher Conflict Journal: Blitz #1 exhibits Punisher at his most relentless as he would not let anybody who ascribes to Hate-Monger’s beliefs stay. The comedian goes out of its technique to present Punisher would by no means recognize or help white supremacists – which could appear apparent, however given the real-life use of his emblem, it is nice to see Marvel make that crystal clear.

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