Qing Qing Zi Jin Cast & Summary

Qing Qing Zi Jin Poster
Qing Qing Zi Jin Poster
Drama Info:

Title: Qing Qing Zi Jin (青青子衿) Qing Qing Zi Jin 
Episodes: 40 
Release Date: August 17, 2020 
Film Location: Hengdian 
Summary: The drama is adapted from Wu Yu’s novel “Gong Xue Has Bandits”. It follows genius Luo Qiu Chi, who escapes into the mountains when he was a child and goes through many ups and downs. Later, he accidentally meets female student Wen Ren Juan, hides his identity and studies at Zhuxiu Academy. While tracing his enemy, he completes a story of redemption for everyone.https://8b17bac44aa6ff658542a5969b5fa7f5.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

Plot Synoposis:

Tang poetry is the treasure of the country. During the Qianfu period of the Tang Dynasty, Luo Qiu Chi, a poor student who is determined to become a great poet, enters the Zhuxiu Academy through a poetry competition.

Zhuxiu Academy is a learning institution in the capital that helps train young poets. 

After Luo Qiu Chi enters the school, he has a disagreement with Fu Yuan Zhi, who ranks first in his poetry style at the academy. In the end, Luo Qiu Chi defeats Fu Yuan Zhi with the “Flying Flower Order” and leads his classmates in a simple style of poetry.

Luo Qiu Chi grows up with the other academy students as they experience many events such as the jungle distress, the true and false calligraphy, the painting of the birthday feast, and the lantern riddles of the Lantern Festival in Shangyuan. In the “Pray for Rain Poem Competition”, Luo Qiu Chi takes first place. 

During the academic exchanges between the Annan Kingdom and the Tang Dynasty students, Luo Qiu Chi leads the group to win the polo and poetry competitions, bringing pride to his country. 

In the end, Luo Qiu Chi participates in the imperial examination and wins the top prize.https://8b17bac44aa6ff658542a5969b5fa7f5.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

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Cast & Characters:
Fan Shi Qi
Fan Shi Qi

Fan Shi Qi 范世錡 as Luo Qiu Chi 骆秋迟
A poor student and bohemian. When he first arrives to the academy he challenges everyone. His handsome appearance makes the female classmates go into a frenzy. He was born in a poor family, and becomes the Dongyishan monarch to Qilin leader, and then later to a scholar for the dynasty. He inspires many others to follow in his path.

Lu Xiao Yu
Lu Xiao Yu

Lu Xiao Yu 吕小雨 as Wen Ren Juan 闻人隽
The sparks between Luo Qiu Chi are constant, and both their dual identities are hidden. On the surface, she is cowardly, but she is actually skillful and strong.

Supporting Characters
Xie Bin Bin
Xie Bin Bin

Xie Bin Bin 谢彬彬 as Hang Ru Xue 杭如雪

Yu Ting Er
Yu Ting Er

Yu Ting Er 雨婷儿 as Wen Ren Shu 闻人姝

Huang Xuan Wen
Huang Xuan Wen

Huang Xuan Wen 黄渲文 as Fu Yuan Zhi 付远之

Drama Posters:
Qing Qing Zi Jin Still 1
Qing Qing Zi Jin Still 1
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Qing Qing Zi Jin Still 2
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Chinese Drama Qing Qing Zi Jin Still 3
Qing Qing Zi Jin Still 4
Chinese Drama Qing Qing Zi Jin Still 4
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Still 5
Airing Schedule

Start: August 17, 2020 
Frequency: 2 episodes every Monday to Wednesday 
End: October 13, 2020

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Airing Calendar

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