QUIZ: Which Of Ji Chang Wook’s K-Drama Characters Is Your Soulmate?

Ji Chang Wook continues to win the hearts of people every day. With his charm, good looks, incredible acting, and wit, there really isn’t much to dislike about the actor. Curious to see which of his characters would be your soulmate? Take this quiz to find out!

Hey Soompiers, what were your results? Let me know in the comments below!

binahearts is a Soompi writer whose ultimate biases are Song Joong Ki and BIGBANG but has lately been seen obsessing over Hwang In Yeop. Make sure you follow binahearts on Instagram as she journeys through her latest Korean crazes!


Currently watching:Young Actors’ Retreat,” “Love in Contract,” “The Law Cafe
All-time favorite dramas:Secret Garden” and “Star In My Heart.”
Looking forward to: Won Bin‘s return to the small screen.

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