Race Across The World Where Are They Now, Check Out The Race Across The World Contestants

Race Across The World

Race Across The World is a British Reality-Competition program. The program is all about the team in two having to travel across the world to reach the destination using any method of transport except plane service. It was released on 3 March 2019. The program was aired on BBC Two channel. This program was narrated by John Hannah and produced by Studio Lambert.

Race Across The World Where Are They Now

Race across the world, the travel reality program is quite attractive since it is based on the contestants. Race across the world, which had five pairs of racers to travel from London to Singapore, ended on 7 April 2019. It was the most-watched series on British Television. Jinda and Bindu left the show during the first episode because of family illness; instead, Tony and Elaine Teasdale joined the series. Later in the second episode, Sue Last and Clara King got eliminated as they reached the second checkpoint at last. Then rest of the pairs went on the planned journey without getting eliminated.

Race Across The World Series 1 Contestants

The following list contains the contestants who participated in the Race Across The World series 1 and their age. The first series winner was Tony and Elaine Teasdale, who were the retired PE teachers who won the reality travel program. 

Contestants Age Occupation
Darron Speck 48 Business Systems Specialist
Alex Speck-Zolte 20 Unemployed
Elaine Teasdale 61

Retired PE Teachers

Tony Teasdale 61
Josh Nawras 32

Co-owners of Arts Venue

Felix Mortimer 32
Natalie Amoatin 38 Freelance Legal/Artist Liasion Manager
Shameema Mukhtar 38 Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist
Sue Last 57 Three Menopausal Maids Comedy trio
Clare King 58 Marketing And Holiday Lettings Agent
Jinda  46

Co-owner of small retail chain

Bindu 48

Race Across The World Series 1 Where Are They Now?

The first Race Across The World series completed its episode on 7 April 2019. The winner of the series was Tony and Elaine Teasdale, the retired PE teachers who live in Beadlam village in England. Though the series got over, the audience kept the show on their watchlist for over three years, making it popular for most-watched television programs. The program won a 2020 BAFTA TV award for Best Reality and Constructed Factual category for the first Race Across The World series. Even the second series also was nominated. After the show was over nothing much about the Race Across The World Series 1 contestants is known. Thus, we do not know the answer to Race Across The World Series 1 Where Are They Now aside from the winners. 

Race Across The World Program – Overview

Specifications Details
Name Race Across The World
Series 1
Language English
Platform BBC Two
Contestants 6 pairs
Episode 6
Genre Travel, Reality-Competition
Narrator John Hannah
Release Date 3 March 2019
End Date 7 April 2019
Departure London
Destination Singapore

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