“Radio Star” Tops Korean Variety Show Brand Reputation Rankings in August 2023

The Korean Business Research Institute recently revealed the current rankings for the most popular Korean variety shows. Leading the list for this month’s brand reputation rankings is MBC’s “Radio Star.” Explore the top 50 Korean variety show brand reputation rankings for August 2023 below and discover your favorites!

August 2023 – Top 50 Korean Variety Show Brand Reputation Rankings

Most popular Korean variety shows from June to August 2023 | Brikorea.
Most popular Korean variety shows from June to August 2023 | Brikorea.

From July 6 to August 6, 2023, the Korean Business Research Institute conducted an analysis of brand big data for 50 popular variety shows. The data revealed a decrease of 19.56%, with the brand big data dropping from 99,362,502 in July to 79,927,252 in August.

Moreover, the Korean Business Research Institute analyzed consumer behavior using big data and categorized it into important factors: participation, communication, media, community, and view indexes. Through comprehensive analysis, they derived the brand reputation index for each brand and determined the rankings accordingly.

Top 5 Korean Variety Shows

As a result, according to the brand reputation analysis, “Radio Star,” “Win or Nothing” (“Strongest Baseball”), “My Little Old Boy,” “I Live Alone” (“Home Alone”), and “You Quiz on the Block” emerged as the top five sought-after Korean variety shows. These shows have managed to consistently capture the attention and engagement of viewers during that time.

1. Radio Star 

  • Participation Index: 490,360
  • Media Index: 675,310
  • Communication Index: 717,118
  • Community Index: 718,565
  • Viewer Index: 593,126

Making waves in August 2023’s rankings, MBC’s “Radio Star” surged with a brand reputation index of 3,194,480, marking a notable 13.34% increase from July. Notably, link analysis uncovered related terms like “disclose,” “talk,” and “confess.” Additionally, the keyword analysis revealed that “Swings,” “Jung Sung Ho,” and “Na Sun Wook” were the show’s trending keywords. Impressively, the show achieved a stellar 88.42% positive rate in the positive-negative rate analysis.


2. “Win or Nothing” (“Strongest Baseball”)

  • Participation Index: 798,645
  • Media Index: 520,934
  • Communication Index: 633,506
  • Community Index: 637,806
  • Viewer Index: 321,277

JTBC’s “Win or Nothing” (“Strongest Baseball”) scored 2,912,167 brand reputation index in August 2023, down 17.45% from July’s 3,527,877.


3. “My Little Old Boy”

  • Participation Index: 220,516
  • Media Index: 383,381
  • Communication Index: 421,498
  • Community Index: 453,915
  • Viewer Index: 1,173,896

SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” achieved a brand reputation index of 2,653,206 this month. The index fell by 30.37% from July’s 3,810,609.

4. “I Live Alone” (“Home Alone”)

  • Participation Index: 552,834
  • Media Index: 386,307
  • Communication Index: 407,191
  • Community Index: 409,545
  • Viewer Index: 877,333

MBC’s “I Live Alone” (“Home Alone”) achieved a brand reputation index of 2,633,210 this month. It experienced a 40.43% decrease from July’s brand reputation index of 4,420,172.

5 “You Quiz on the Block”

  • Brand Participation Index: 250,502
  • Media Index: 381,716
  • Communication Index: 604,028
  • Community Index: 913,709
  • Viewer Index: 481,915

tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” achieved a brand reputation index of 2,631,869 this month. It decreased by 44.03% compared to July’s score of 4,702,624.

August 2023 – Top 50 Korean Variety Show Brand Reputation Rankings

Top 50 Korean Variety Show Brand Reputation Rankings in August 2023 | Brikorea.
Top 50 Korean Variety Show Brand Reputation Rankings in August 2023 | Brikorea.
  1. “Radio Star”
  2. “Win or Nothing” (“Strongest Baseball”)
  3. “My Little Old Boy”
  4. “I Live Alone” (“Home Alone”)
  5. “You Quiz on the Block”
  6. “Knowing Bros”
  7. “Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend”
  8. “King of Mask Singer”
  9. “2 Days & 1 Night”
  10. “Dolsing Fourmen”
  11. “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny”
  12. “Running Man”
  13. “How Do You Play? (Hangout With Yoo)”
  14. “Shooting Stars” (“Kick a Goal”)
  15. “Dancing Queens on the Road”
  16. “Mr.Lotto”
  17. “I Am SOLO”
  18. The Manager”
  19. “The Return of Superman”
  20. “National Singing Contest”
  21. “Tuesday Night Like”
  22. “Fire Trot”
  23. “Gayo Stage”
  24. “Amazing Saturday”
  25. “Groom Class”
  26. “Buddy into the Wild”
  27. “Love After Divorce”
  28. “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant”
  29. “Trallala Brothers”
  30. “Staff Only”
  32. “Show Queen”
  33. “Boss In The Mirror”
  34. “Where is My Home”
  35. “Adventure by Accident”
  36. “Seol Min Seok’s Naked World History”
  37. “Salty Pawn Shop”
  38. “The Village President’s People”
  39. “Talk Pawon 25 O’Clock”
  40. “My Golden Kids”
  41. “Strong Heart League”
  42. “Tasty Guys”
  43. “Problem Child in House
  44. “Beat Coin”
  45. “Comedy Big League”
  46. “Cute Trot”
  47. “Teenage Parents”
  48. “Unpredictable Fortunetellers”
  49. “Neighbourhood Cool House”
  50. “The Wedding War”

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