Real:Time:Love 4 (2020) Cast & Summary

The teen romance web drama “Real:Time:Love” is back with a fourth season. The web drama is popular in Korea.

Park SiYoung has acted in the three previous seasons of the web drama along with web dramas “Dalgona” and “Intern Z’. Choi HyunWook has risen in popularity with the first three seasons of this web drama and also acted in the popular web drama “Pop-Out Boy!”. Lee WonJung acted in “Real:Time:Love 3” and “Class of Lies”, he is also a rookie actor.

The drama is produced by WHYNOT media who previously worked on “Best Mistake”, “Kiss Goblin”, etc. Check out the links at the end of the article to watch the episodes with English subtitles.

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Real:Time:Love 4 (2020)


  • Title: Real:Time:Love 4 / rieol:taim:reobeu 4 / 리얼:타임:러브 4
  • Director: Park HaEun
  • Writer: Han SongYi
  • Network: KOKTV by WHYNOT Media
  • Runtime: From Nov. 20
  • # of Episodes: 8
  • Genre: Teen, Romance
  • Language: Korean


“My last choice is you”. The web sitcom tells the real love stories of nineteen years old teens at the end of their teenage years in a Arts High School.


Park SiYoung as Hong Yeon

Hong Yeon is the student with the most problems in her third year of the Acting Department. YeChan’s kiss brought her world down and since the beginning of the semester she keeps on causing trouble.

Lee WonJung as Yook DeokJin

DeokJin is Hong Yeon’s current flirt. DeokJin returned to the school and he is in the second year of the Acting Department. Since he met Hong Yeon, he finds school fun again.

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Choi HyunWook as Moon YeChan

YeChan is Hong Yeon’s ex-boyfriend. YeChan is a third year of the Acting Department and he became the best celebrity in the department. His real girlfriend is still Hong Yeon. But after that day, he keeps on getting involved with Ko YeonIh. He wants everything to return like it was before.


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