Replay: The Moment (2021) Cast & Summary

The school music romance web drama “Replay: The Moment” will interest a lot of K-Pop fans.

(G)I-DLE’s MiYeon, Kim MinChul, SF9’s HwiYoung, Choi JiSoo, and H.B.Y’s Marco are the lead actors of this school romance music web drama.

MiYeon will debut in acting in this drama. Actor Kim MinChul acted in web dramas “Necessary Dating Education”, “The Guilty Secret”, and “Single & Ready To Mingle” and had supporting roles in the drama “Melting Me Softly” and “Record of Youth”.

HwiYoung first acted in the SF9’s debut web drama “Click Your Heart” (2016) with fellow members. He then acted in the web dramas “DokGoBin Is Updating” and “The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning” in 2020. Actress Choi JiSoo does not have much experience but she had the lead role in the web drama “300-Year-Old Class of 2020”. Like MiYeon, Marco is debuting in acting too.

The drama will be available with English subtitles on LIKE THAT YouTube Channel, check the links in the article.

Replay: The Moment (2021)


  • Title: Replay: The Moment / Replay / Ripeullei : dasi sijakdoeneun sungan / 리플레이 : 다시 시작되는 순간
  • Director: Ko HeeSeop
  • Writer: Kang MinChae
  • Network: LIKE THAT
  • Runtime: From Jan. 19 on OTT platforms, From Jan. 26 on YouTube
  • # of Episodes: TBA
  • Genre: Romance, School, Music
  • Language: Korean


“The moment my first love starts again”. It tells the relatable romance of eighteen years old who are clumsy and uncertain but with pure hearts.


(G)I-DLE ‘s MiYeon as Yoo HaYoung

Goddess vocalist of the band. She has no filter.

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Kim MinChul as Gong ChanYoung

Shy keyboardist of the band. He looks 2% lacking sometimes, but he has something special for sure!

SF9 ‘s HwiYoung as Lee JiHoon

Cool guitarist of the band. He is a tsundere. He is only interested in HaYoung.

Choi JiSoo as Im SeoEun

Lovely bassist of the band. She is called ‘Leader Imseo’. She’s so lively and a huge K-Pop fan.

H.B.Y ‘s Marco as Sim TaeYoung

Drummer of the band. He is childish, especially with SeoEun.

Kwon HyukSoo as Lee InHo


LIKE THAT YouTube Channel

Poster & Teasers

Here is the teaser.

Here are the official posters.

"Replay: The Moment" (2021 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

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