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Instead of doing episode recaps, I’m changing it up and doing episode reviews/thoughts on the drama. I’ve been watching Skate Into Love and am really enjoying it so far. Here’s my review of the Skate Into Love drama so far.

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Episode 1 & 2

The first two episodes are okay. They build the story up pretty quickly and I’m intrigued to watch further though I can see this will be a typical youth love story. The songs show really sweet scenes so I can’t wait for their relationship to progress from hate to love. I like how they brought out a Deng Lun cameo (probably to get more people to watch) and wonder if he’ll be back in future episodes. For all the skating scenes, I wonder if it’s all body doubles or if they actually know how to skate.

Sadly, I find that the sound effects are really extra as well as some of the animations and it makes the show really cheesy. You can definitely see how Li Yu Bing hates Tang Xue for bullying him when he was younger. I can’t really see Zhang Xin Cheng as the mean guy type, his face is too nice to be the mean guy. Also, so far none of the rest of the cast really interests me and I don’t find them good looking except for Yu Yan. Can we skip all the mean parts and just get to the part where he falls in love with her? I’ll be watching more but most likely on 1.25 speed and skipping through the boring parts.

LOL okay the scene in the change room is really funny after she gets the contract and is discovered by Yu Bing. 😂 Their interaction really made me laugh, plus he didn’t have his shirt on the entire time haha. He really wants to torment and make her suffer but then he’s also nice and agrees to let her leave after a month. The library scene is also cute as he helps her with school work and wants them to forget the past. I wonder if he already likes her now?? 🤔

Episode 3

Hoooooly that cousin of Tang Xue’s, Zhou Ran is super annoying, you already know she’s going to be the bad character on the show and stop them from being together. Does anyone find it funny that all the other hockey players are pretty big guys but Yu Bing is super small? I’m happy to see Tang Xue fighting back against him and standing up for herself!

Yu Yan is such a cutie, he’s so small and innocent. The competition is a little too much for me, there’s no point for them to compete other than for their egos. There’s no way for a hockey player and a figure skater to compete and compare. LOOL Yu Bing being jealous of Tang Xue taking care of another man is too funny 😂

Episode 4

Ooh finally we get to see Tang Xue on ice again! I’m interested to learn more about Yu Yan and his story. Is he actually poor? They actually make a pretty good match! On the other hand I really don’t care for Tang Xue’s besties’ story.

I loved the competition between Tang Xue and the other student. She’s so confident I’m so impressed with her! I love how Yu Bing comes to try to protect her too. Seriously why did she stop skating for 2 years?? She’s supposed to be really good.

Episode 5

I love the chair pickup! He’s also so bossy with her, doing the opposite of everything she wants to do. He doesn’t even know he likes her and is doing so much for her with the piggyback, it’s so cute. And then taking care of her at the hotel! Such a gentleman

New character introduced, Wei Wei and looks like she also likes Yu Bing and will be Tang Xue’s competitor on ice. I’m liking how each episode ends with their youth story and slowly builds up their character from when they’re young.

Episode 6 & 7

I’m happy with the fast paced-ness of the show so far. They sped through the month really quickly and then Tang Xue finds out she’s still stuck as an assistant haha. Tang Xue is so sweet to Yu Yan, accompanying him for his birthday. Haha she keeps thinking he’s poor but he’s actually just so disciplined as an athlete and hasn’t had a normal childhood!

The rain scene – is this the turning point of Yu Bing putting the past behind and starting to treat Tang Xue nicely? I hope so! OMG it wasn’t him that helped Tang Xue up, but Yu Yan! I’M SO SAD. Okay the jacket cover up was so dramatic but I loved it LOL he’s starting to slowly fall for her!

Episode 8 & 9

Omg even the coaches have a love story… there’s so many little storylines apart from the main one and I just want to watch the main one! He’s starting to be so nice to her now, letting her go and giving her the money back! LOL the hockey scenes are really dramatic… unnecessarily so as they pair it with the slow-mo but I love all the side glances Yu Bing gives Tang Xue! I’m already not looking forward to Bian Cheng getting in between the two of them. I’m loving how he’s just staying by her side and supporting her, talking to her when she needs it and being there for her.

In the flashback, Bian Cheng’s rejection is very logical, I don’t get why she’s so emotional about it and would lose control like that on the ice. Because of one accident her parents wanted her to quit? There’s rehab and many things that can done to heal after an accident.

LOL the finger crawl and almost arm reach in Ep 9! I love how Yu Bing is trying to help Tang Xue get back to speed skating! I’m super bored with Tang Xue’s besties storyline, and skip most of it. I want more Yu Bing and Tang Xue!

Episode 10 & 11

Too little screen time of Yu Bing and Tang Xue in the first half of Ep 10! Yu Bing doesn’t know he likes her yet but he does so much for her – getting her the tickets, asking Wei Wei to take care of her during practice. Tang Xue’s such a girlboss!!! Love how she just takes action and fixes things herself. Awh I feel bad for Yu Bing for not giving her the tickets on time!

So many misunderstandings! With Huan Huan not knowing that the best friend likes her, Wei Wei not knowing Shi Jia likes her, Yu Bing not admitting his feelings! LOL Yu Bing is too funny, as he blocks Yu Yan from sitting with Tang Xue. At least Yu Yan is brave and admits his feelings for Tang Xue! I love how Yu Bing complies with what Tang Xue tells him to do. She’s still the boss like when they’re young.

I love the rink scene. Yu Yan is so supportive of her and always finds her when she needs it most. They look perfect together on ice. It’s beautifully shot as he spins her around, paired with the lighting in the rink. Yu Bing is so flustered after he sees them together ahaha. LOL omg the first kiss, of course it’s an accident! And it’s Yu Bing’s first kiss ever… too funny! And now they’re awkward around each other hehe.

Episode 12 & 13

I love how Yu Yan stares at Tang Xue! His stare is so intense, like he’s piercing through her. Awh one phone call makes both the boys sad, Tang Xue is so clueless! LOL Tang Xue’s friends are doing the most work – sending tips to both guys! Yu Yan is so right, Tang Xue cares about Yu Bing without even knowing it! Yu Bing only wants to hear from Tang Xue and no one else! Of course they’d add a reflective shower scene LOL

I’m a little confused at the ages of the little kids. Yu Bing says it’s been 6 years since he’s last seen Tang Xue and if they’re 18 now, then they were in middle school together and 12 years old… but why do the younger version of themselves look like they’re 6 years old? OMG I wonder if he was about the confess in the snow scene? Of course the phone dies at that moment!

Awwh I’m falling for Zhang Xin Cheng more and more as I watch him portray Yu Bing. So sweet of him to buy Tang Xue a necklace! I feel bad for Wei Wei, Yu Bing only thinks of her as his bro. Liao Zhen Yu is doing the most work! Trying to include Yu Bing and thinking fast on the spot to include him in Tang Xue’s performance, what a good wingman!

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Episode 14 & 15

Omg I can’t get enough of Yu Bing and Tang Xue’s bickering, it’s so cute. I wonder if ZXC actually knows how to play piano? “You should just put on a tape, then you should just fake sing”… poor Yu Yan left to do the heavy work himself LOL. Wow the harmonization between them was so good, I wanted to hear more! Yu Bing put in so much work to help her improve her singing, aww. I’m loving the bromance between Zhen Yu and Yu Bing right now too! He’s so helpful, broadcasting the high school dinner for Yu Bing to see! Oh gosh, I can already foresee that Yu Bing lying to her about his parent’s divorce will be a huge miscommunication and sore point for them. I hope they get over that bump!

Yay Yu Bing finally admits to himself that he does like Tang Xue! Time to begin lots of sweet moments between them and all the ways he tries to make her fall in love with him! Jeez, Yu Yan’s mom is the typical controlling tiger mom and will definitely block him from getting close to Tang Xue. I CAN’T WITH ALL OF YU BING’S DEEP STARES AT TANG XUE, TOO CUTE!!! LOL Zhen Yu and Huan Huan are so comical, with the jellyfish sting! Omg I love this boat scene, I could watch it over and over again. It’s sweet but comical, full of laughs and unexpected events! Can’t wait to continue it in ep 16.

Episode 16

Omg omg so so soooo many cute scenes happening! From the boat scene and them reliving childhood memories to a funny twist of Yu Bing falling off the boat to Tang Xue taking care of him the entire night (yet Yu Bing still carries and puts her into bed)! Also was nice to see one couple successful as Zhen Yu gets together with Huan Huan. I laughed so much during this episode, especially with Tang Xue finding out he was faking his sickness and then Yu Bing getting mad at Deng for the bad love advice.

And the Weibo account!!! Soooooo cute, naming it Bing Tang Dun Xue Li (rock sugar stewed snow pear) – bing for Yu Bing and xue for Tang Xue. 😱 It’s also the name of the show, I finally get why they named it that! Omg I love how he tried so many times to casually run into her and watches her practice, swaps the drinks – everything he does is just CUTE. Best episode so far as it builds up his love for her. Also I just noticed how beautiful Zhang Xin Cheng’s lips are – they curve up like they’re smiling even when he’s not – such beautiful perfect lips. 😍

Ep 17-18

Not enough Yu Bing and Tang Xue in ep 17!! It was all about Shao Hua Jie and basically everyone failed in their confession. Bian Cheng and Yu Yan failed confessing to Tang Xue, Wei Wei failed, Shi Jia failed to Yu Bing and of course Yu Bing failed to confess to Tang Xue. The only moving scene was Zhen Yu and Huan Huan, as he helped her promote the animal clinic and raised funds. He does so much for her and I’m really touched by his love and dedication for her.

Omg Yu Bing helping Tang Xue train is so cute and sweet! I love her line of “I’ll give myself to you”, and his smirk at it! And then there’s the almost kiss! I can’t wait for the kisses to come!! Omg and now Yu Bing also helps her in her academics – what can’t he do well?! All those deep stares at Tang Xue. 😍 Ouf, I really felt for Yu Yan as he left campus for Canada. He didn’t end up sending out his confession! So mean of his mom to tell the driver to go faster so Tang Xue and him couldn’t say goodbye, you could really see the anger and tears in his eyes as he left. 😢 Race time and what a cliffhanger ending! Didn’t expect her to get knocked over like that, yikes!

Episode 19 & 20

Oh man I feel for Tang Xue, another fall and another loss. OMG can Zhang Xin Cheng hug and comfort me like that?! Loved how he just hugged her and then turned her around to put the necklace on her – so manly yet sweet! What a lovely moment between the two of them. Wow Tang Xue finds out all about Yu Bing’s support! He’s been paying for her practice all this time, whaaaat! Omg he knows her so well, knows when she’s down and is always complimenting her, I love his stares and smiles. Ahhh they look like such a good match, heading back home together. ❤️ LOL the bus ride with him trying to hold her head in place hahaha.

Yay Tang Xue finally feels she likes Yu Bing! There’s heart pulsing and blushing! Ugh I hate Zhou Ran’s voice so much. Hehe they’re so cute on ice together, playing around and smiling at each other. LOL Bian Cheng’s failed attempt at cock blocking 😂 And ouf, a showdown between the two guys, I’m loving Yu Bing’s confidence and trust in Tang Xue! Omg I love when Yu Bing wears pink or purple, it suits him so well! Omg the digging scene is too funny! He ate the paper LOL. Omg I love Zhen Yu’s character – they both call him and he tricks the both of them ahaha. Zhen Yu is such a little matchmaker!

Episode 21 & 22

YAAAY confession happened! Under a beautiful scenery of fireworks, Yu Bing finally tells Tang Xue he likes her and she returns the feelings, soooo cute. Poop, less than one day together and they’re already in a fight/breakup over Yu Bing’s childhood decision. That was fast LOL.

Thank god Bian Cheng’s confession failed though, she doesn’t like you yo! And then they’re back together now! Omg Yu Bing really knows how to cheer a girl up! So many sweet words were said about how great Tang Xue is. Love how strong he is! First date is a double date, love both the couples and how cute they are hehe. Wow Zhen Yu is really smart and shows an attractive side with his medical knowledge. Omg such a sweet forehead kiss by Yu Bing, they looked like they had such a good time. LOOL Yu Bing’s parents think he’s gay ahahaha I died at the sequence.

Episode 23 & 24

Omg what a romantic kiss!! I love how Yu Bing wrapped himself around Tang Xue and then turned her around to kiss her. And it was a deep kiss too! If only his parents didn’t stop them we could’ve seen more kissing LOL. Haha Tang Xue is so funny – “you’re not my dad’s type but my type”, “we need to keep it a secret!” Oh I thought Tang Xue was jealous of Wei Wei but she wasn’t at all – I love her personality so much!

Omg the riverside scene with Yu Bing and Tang Xue is so cute, I love how they talk to each other and get to know each other more, as well as all the sideways glances! Omg LOOL so dramatic as they search for the equipment and Yu Bing and Tang Xue almost get caught. I love how he keeps telling her he misses her a lot. OMG I’M LAUGHING SO HARD. He always messes up and posts to the wrong account – what a declaration of love hehe, under the pressure of Yu Yan. Also does anyone notice how they’re always matching? SO CUTE. Yay now everything’s out in the open! I loved these two episodes so much, they were so fun and so cute and lovable.

Episode 25 & 26

Loving Zhang Xin Cheng so much, how he smiles and how Yu Bing comforts Tang Xue. 😍 Sigh I feel bad for Yu Yan, but Tang Xue responded really well and didn’t hurt him yet before his competition. I can definitely relate to what Tang Xue feels, and how she’s in Yu Bing’s shadow. It’s tough that he’s so popular and has so many fans and people think she’s not good enough for him. I love how he calls her “小糖块”. Omg LOL so funny “I leaned a new position” “me too” – I thought Yu Bing was talking about a new hockey position but it was a new kiss position 😂 TOO FUNNY. Ouf OKAY Zhang Xin Cheng’s got a hot bod – that bicep and those abs!! Nice going with sending nudes to Tang Xue aha.

Sooo sweet how he shows off his love for Tang Xue with the hockey tape. So much confidence and pride! And with a quick win what a romantic winning kiss – carrying her onto the ice and kissing her in front of everyone! 😍 SO MUCH LOVE FOR THEM. And then the post celebrations – all Yu Bing does is look at Tang Xue and want to keep her close by. Wow Yu Yan’s despair and loss was so artistically filmed – showing his fear and feelings of being trapped. Hehe and then we get to see Yu Bing getting jealous, so cute.

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Episode 27 & 28

What an emotional start to the episode – I love how Tang Xue doesn’t care about anyone’s support other than her parents. Also love how Yu Bing comes and just holds her without saying anything to support her. Eeek what an awkward scene of meet the parents. Yu Bing and Tang Xue are so cute! Single-handedly picked up Tang Xue – so strong and cute! OUF showdown between Yu Bing and Bian Cheng 🤬 – I really wanted Yu Bing to hit Bian Cheng in the face but I love how Tang Xue comes last minute and walks out with him.

Yu Bing has such a good coach, he’s like both a hockey coach and a life coach. 😂 This was a calmer episode with a lot of talk and inner struggle. How come Yu Bing can operate a zamboni?

Episode 29 & 30

Omg the zamboni scene is so cute. I love how Tang Xue sits on his lap and how Yu Bing shares with her how he’s feeling. They’re so supportive of each other it’s adorable. Hehe petting her “fake tail” and being jealous of Wu Da Jing is also so cute! I know the sweet moments are coming to an end soon so I have to savour them all! Ahhh and the phone call! Such support between each other and so cute “在吗?” “我在。。。想你啊”. Yu Bing knows how to sweet talk so well! YES Tang Xue with a big win! Haha her dad is so cute with the wobbly hands and spilling the water. Yu Bing’s smile at her win is so warm too. Okaaaay I could watch that last lights scene over and over again. SO SWEET how he’s prepared the lights since he’s liked her and how she gives him her gold medal. AND THEN THE KISS! So passionate and loving (though seeing her in his pupil is a bit dramatic), I love how he just pulls her in.

Ughugh I really hate Bian Cheng’s character. Even Zhou Ran has become better and has learned to give up. I honestly don’t really care for Jiang Shi Jia and Wei Wei’s plot line. He needs to man up and just tell her how feels and get over it! Stop being such a girl. So saaad, only one cute moment of Tang Xue and Yu Bing at the end of ep 30, where Tang Xue tells him her dad accepts him and they promise to wait for each other while she goes away for practice.

Episode 31 & 32

Haha the parents are too funny, I love how Yu Bing told his parents he’s meeting Tang Xue’s parents. 😂 LOL Yu Bing’s little jump at Tang Xue’s lecture – he’s still a little scared! Goddamit Bian Cheng is so annoying – he doesn’t even know he’s in the wrong! Such a horrible person.

Awwwh Yu Bing and Tang Xue with the matching outfits. I love the puzzle but I know they won’t get to complete it. 😭 Okay I kind of can predict that Yu Bing will break up with her over their miscommunication and thinking that she’s been cheating with Yu Yan and I can completely see why he does it… She doesn’t communicate or tell him when there’s nothing to hide and takes him for granted. They need to learn to trust each other and treasure each other which hopefully the breakup will teach. I feel so bad for Yu Bing completing the puzzle himself, he’s so alone. 😢 Is it the last kiss and cute scene before the breakup? I DON’T WANT TO WATCH MORE WAH. “我这个色很不满意” LOOL too funny.

Episode 33 & 34

You can really see Yu Bing’s self doubt start to kick in, he’s not confident in his relationship with Tang Xue enough. He’s trying to hold onto her so much but he just doesn’t trust her enough sadly. Oh nooo Tang Xue’s lie is outed – Yu Bing is so sad and shook! What a sad goodbye. 😢 and throwing the puzzle up in the air! So much pain and anger and sadness! 😭 Tang Xue is so in the wrong for lying but Yu Bing doesn’t let her truly explain.

Bad timing… They aren’t able to cross paths before she leaves for training sigh. Omg the hitting scene was too painful to watch. 😢 But Yu Bing always puts Tang Xue first – even after getting hit he worries about her safety before anything else. My poor Bing Bing! HOLY CRAP that’s some illegal hitting during the game. Feel for him so much. 💔 Awh at least the episode ended on a good note – Zhen Yu is seriously a #1 boyfriend to Huan Huan.

Episode 35 & 36

Waiting for Tang Xue and Yu Bing to get back together… He’s so sad about it right now. 😢 Silly Bing Bing for thinking she likes someone else!! YES Yu Yan to the rescue and clearing the air for Yu Bing! Loved the confrontation scene and seeing Yu Bing realize how he messed up.

LOOL the “word fight” is so dramatic ahaha. 😂 Yay a Deng Lun appearance! Wow two good looking boys on camera together. 😍 Deng and Ye are so cute and awkward LOL. Awwh Tang Xue’s expression is every girl after reading a cute text, she and Yu Bing are such goals. Omg poor Bing Bing, heading to the hospital like that.

Episode 37 & 38

This was a crying episode for me… Seeing Tang Xue read his “Bing Tang” Weibo and hearing her talk about the future was so sweet. Still a romantic and sweet talker even in the hospital! Yu Bing is such a cutie. Yay Tang Xue’s dad accepts him as family now!

Tang Xue is so attentive! Omg he’s too cute! Always thinking of ways to get a kiss. 😂 “如果我乖乖听话我有什么奖励?” Poor Bing Bing, getting replaced like that while Tang Xue gets good news. I really feel for him as he imagines he can’t get back to his original condition and loses his confidence. Will they wrap this up properly with only 2 eps to go?

Episode 39 & 40 (Finale)

Wow last two episodes! I’m not ready to stop watching Li Yu Bing! 😭 What an emotional heart to heart – Tang Xue is so brave for choosing to stay with him over not accepting the national team; but I also understand how Yu Bing must feel with that decision. Omg that scene is everything – from her pointing the hockey stick back to him, his hug, forehead kiss and sweet words – it was a perfect. ❤️ Beautiful performance by Yu Yan, LOL at Yu Bing’s shocked face when Yu Yan says I love you and he think it’s to Tang Xue. 😂

Yu Bing has such a good group of friends. LOL yes Deng Lun to the rescue at the most critical moment! Finally Bian Cheng does the right thing but holy I did not expect him to get beat up like that. Awwh Wei Wei and Da Jiang, plus our main CP completing the puzzle together. I love Zhang Xin Cheng in that purple sweater! Such a happy ending after the fast forward two years later, I couldn’t stop smiling at all the couples together and the sweetness between all of them. SOOO CUTE.

Overall Skate Into Love Review

I can’t believe just like that Bing Tang is over, 40 eps seems too fast! The drama overall was really good and there was never really a dull moment. There were lots of sweet moments between Yu Bing and Tang Xue and the supporting characters were well developed and had interesting plot lines as well. Though it’s a romance and youth drama, it really focuses on chasing after dreams, never giving up, and works to promote the upcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Love what they did with the show, such a good job!

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