Review The Love Equations 致我们甜甜的小美满 Episode 1

Zhou Xiao is a freshman in the Chinese Department of Jiangnan University and usually likes to publish serial novels on the Internet. Zhou Xiaoxin’s new book “The Bloodthirsty Forensic Medicine of Two-sided Man” was serialized on the Internet, and the response was not bad. The night before reporting to school, Zhou Xiaozheng was immersed in the creation of novels, and was suddenly interrupted by his mother. Mother Chen Lijuan is helping Zhou Xiao to prepare the luggage for her stay. She loves her daughter and fears that her daughter will be wronged outside, so she will prepare many things for her. Zhou Xiao’s father, Zhou Zhenguo, paid Zhou Xiao’s living expenses, but she was guilty of letting him transfer money directly to WeChat.

Chao Yasi, a good friend who grew up with Zhou Xiao, had just returned from abroad to participate in a programming competition, and could not wait to find her at Zhou Xiao’s house. The two were admitted to the same university, and Cai Yasi learned that Zhou Xiao’s parents would drive her to the school to register tomorrow, so she made an appointment with her to take their car tomorrow. Zhou Xiao had already planned in her heart to prepare for the high-speed train to go to school, but she did not tell Cai Yas.

Zhao Fanzhou is a talented student in the Department of Forensic Medicine of Jiangnan University. He usually has a cold personality and is addicted to experiments. Professor Hu of the Department of Forensic Medicine arranged for Zhao Fanzhou to contact other students, and he was sent to the high-speed rail station to pick up his heart. Zhao Fanzhou picked up a freshman at the high-speed rail station, and Professor Hu called and asked him to write a report on a case consultation.

Zhao Fanzhou and other students received the freshmen who arrived at the station, except for Zhou Xiao who was in the Chinese Department. Zhao Fanzhou asked his classmates to bring the other freshmen back to school, and stayed alone to contact Zhou Xiao.

Zhou Xiao is writing a novel on the high-speed rail when she sees that there are missed calls. Thinking about going back, I found out that my phone was dead. At this time, the QQ in her computer suddenly came to mind. It turned out that Zhao Fanzhou could not contact her and could only find her through QQ. Zhou Xiao realized that he had sat and stood. Sue

Zhao Fanzhou successfully received Zhou Xiao, but the first time they met was not pleasant. Zhao Fanzhou accidentally saw serialized novels in Zhou Xiao’s computer and felt that Zhou Xiao was biased against forensic medicine and deliberately discredited forensic doctors. Zhou Xiao did not know that Zhao Fanzhou was from the department of forensic medicine.

Zhou Xiao’s parents only saw Zhou Xiao’s note early in the morning and learned that she took the high-speed rail to school. They drove Cai Yas to Jiangnan University to find Zhou Xiao. When they arrived at Zhou Xiao’s dormitory, they learned from roommate Luo Wei’s mouth that Zhou Xiao had not arrived at the dormitory and was a little anxious. Fortunately, Cai Yasi found Zhou Xiao through mobile phone positioning.

Cai Yas went to the campus to pick up Zhou Xiao. After receiving her, the two went to the check-in office to report.

After completing the task of picking up freshmen, Zhao Fanzhou took the outline of the report to the laboratory to see Professor Hu. Professor Hu is being stumped by a mannequin toy, and Zhao Fanzhou effortlessly helps Professor Hu build toys.

Student Union students called to let Zhao Fanzhou go to the check-in office to help, and Zhao Fanzhou met Zhou Xiao again at the stairs. Zhou Xiao’s hair was entangled in a parasol and was very embarrassed. When he saw Zhao Fanzhou coming, he asked him to help untie the tangled hair.

Zhao Fanzhou saw the neighbor’s sister Jia Yichun who was just in freshman year at the check-in desk to help the reception of the new students. Jia Yichun always liked Zhao Fanzhou. She came to help Zhao Fanzhou.

Zhou Xiao was waiting in line to learn that Zhao Fanzhou was a student of the Department of Forensic Medicine. Suddenly his scalp was numb, and he quietly changed to the side of the queue. Zhou Xiao did not want Zhao Fanzhou to see her, but she only moved to tears when she was in the queue and was moved by the novel, which caused Zhao Fanzhou’s attention. Jia Yichun saw that Zhao Fanzhou had been watching Zhou Xiao for a long time.

Zhao came to Professor Hu’s laboratory and presented his outline report to the professor. Hu is very satisfied with his report and asked him to write a detailed report as soon as possible. The professor was playing with a mannequin toy, and tossed him all morning. He had no choice but to turn to Zhao. Zhao solved the professor without any trouble. The professor looked dumbfounded.

Zhou Xiao’s parents helped to clean Zhou Xiao’s dormitory, but they were kind enough to do bad things. They accidentally wet the gouache paintings that Zhu Lu helped others in the same dormitory. Zhou Xiao’s parents felt that Zhu Lu was not easy to get along with and reminded Zhou Xiao.

Zhou Xiao bought things at the school convenience store. A senior brother came to Zhou Xiao to ask WeChat. Zhou Xiao wisely declined in Japanese. Zhao Fanzhou looked at her and felt more interesting to her.

Luo Wei and Tao Ling thought that Zhou Xiao serialized novels on the Internet and earned a lot of income. Who knew that Zhou Xiao told her that she earned only tens of yuan in two months, but this did not dampen her enthusiasm for writing novels. She can’t wait to go to the laboratory of the Department of Forensic Medicine.

Zhou Xiao secretly ran to the laboratory at night, just want to visit some time, when Zhao Fanzhou happened to come to the laboratory to move teaching aids. She quickly hid under the table, but she didn’t want to be discovered by Zhao long ago. Zhao Fanzhou chased her out mercilessly. Zhou Xiao and others left home for the first time. At night, everyone started to feel homesick, and the vulnerable classmates even cried


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