Rick’s Full Origins & Backstory Reveals, Defined

Warning: Comprises SPOILERS for the Rick and Morty season 5 finale.

The Rick and Morty season 5 finale lastly explains Rick’s full origins and backstory, confirming some fan theories and revealing new particulars about his previous. For years, followers have referred to as for a extra full clarification of what occurred to Rick’s spouse, why he deserted Beth, and why he finally got here again residence. Rick and Morty season 5 has dropped massive hints concerning the arc all through, however the final episode, “Rickmurai Jack”, lastly places all of the remaining items in place.

Previous to Rick and Morty season 5, solely bits and items of Rick C-137’s previous had been recognized. He fought for a while within the resistance motion towards the Galactic Federation, alongside Birdperson and Squanchy. He deserted his spouse and daughter when he was youthful and solely returned years later. He has varied allies and enemies throughout the cosmos and in many alternative dimensions, and he’s considered by different Ricks as a renegade, generally referred to as the “Rickest Rick.” A scene of Rick’s spouse, Diane, and a younger Beth being murdered by one other Rick is proven within the first episode of season 3, however Rick C-137 later claims that reminiscence was completely fabricated, leaving his precise origins shrouded in thriller.


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Then as Rick and Morty season 5 started to air, extra particulars had been revealed. Rick’s attempting to save lots of Birdperson’s mind revealed that his spouse actually did die tragically, as did his younger daughter, that means that the Smith household Rick stays with at first of season 1 wasn’t truly his authentic household. Rick’s time within the resistance was additionally elaborated on, revealing that he deserted the trigger after turning into disillusioned with the frivolity of a battle he by no means totally believed in. Now, within the season 5 finale, heaps extra has been unveiled about Rick’s previous. After Evil Morty creates a full scan of his mind, Rick C-137 provides Morty the machine, permitting him and the viewers to view a montage of Rick’s complete life up till the beginning of the present.

What Occurred To Rick’s Spouse, Diane?

In response to the reminiscences produced by Evil Morty’s mind scan, the season 3 scene of Diane being murdered was truly true. Whereas nonetheless a younger scientist engaged on teleportation expertise, Rick C-137 is approached by one other extra callous Rick and is inspired to develop his personal trans-dimensional portal gun and be part of the opposite Ricks in touring the universe. He declines, nonetheless, presumably for a similar purpose proven in season 3 – he’s content material in his household life. In retaliation, the opposite Rick bombs C-137’s home and kills Diane and Beth, sending the principle Rick down a darkish spiral that results in him creating his personal portal gun to seek out the killer.

Why precisely the evil Rick kills Rick C-137’s Beth and Diane isn’t completely clear. Within the season 3 reminiscence, he merely appears offended that Rick doesn’t wish to go away his household to journey the multiverse. It isn’t defined why the killer Rick initially launched himself to C-137 within the first place or why he was so intent on making the principle Rick create his personal portal gun. As a result of the season 5 reminiscence doesn’t have any dialogue, it’s additionally potential the season 3 scene was considerably altered, and that the precise confrontation between the 2 Ricks went down just a little in another way. Hopefully, these questions can be explored in future seasons of Rick and Morty.

Rick’s Hunt For His Spouse’s Killer Defined

Rick And Morty Rick Origin Backstory

After his household is murdered, Rick goes on a brutal vengeance quest to seek out the Rick accountable. He creates his personal portal gun, devises a method to create a genetic ID of some type for the killer, and begins looking down Ricks he thinks may need carried out the killings. The montage exhibits him killing dozens, presumably a whole lot, and even 1000’s of different Ricks, however none of them find yourself matching the Rick who murdered Beth and Diane. Ultimately, Rick C-137’s rampage by means of the opposite Ricks of the multiverse attracts their united ire. The opposite Ricks be part of forces and begin sending groups after C-137 to kill him, however he continues to evade them and kills numerous extra within the course of.

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The Rick and Morty season 5 finale exhibits a transparent decline in Rick C-137 over the course of his vengeance quest. He begins off passionate and decided to seek out the person who killed his household, however after repeated failures and purple herrings, he begins to lose religion. He begins ingesting, walks out on the few pals he’s made throughout his adventures (Birdperson, Squanchy, and the remainder of the resistance), and usually lets himself go. He retains killing Ricks, however he doesn’t appear to have any actual hope of discovering the actual killer ultimately. All of the violence and infinity of the cosmos defeat him ultimately, draining the drive that initially despatched him on his mission and falling right into a cycle of violent nihilism.

How Rick Created The Citadel And The Central Finite Curve

Rick Morty season 5 finale reboot citadel

After they repeatedly fail to kill him, the opposite Ricks of the universe appear to supply C-137 a type of peace treaty in Rick and Morty. The montage exhibits the members of the council of Ricks pitching him plans for the Citadel, which he apparently finally ends up serving to them construct. It’s at this level, although, that issues begin to turn into much less clear. The Rick and Morty season 5 finale doesn’t reveal the extent to which Rick was concerned within the creation of the Citadel or the trendy Council. For all its discuss concerning the Central Finite Curve – the subset of dimensions by which Rick is the neatest individual within the universe – it doesn’t clarify how that system was established or by whom. As a result of Evil Morty has to scan Rick C-137’s mind to know how one can break the Central Finite Curve, it’s implied that he’s the one who got here up with the concept. However why? Did he devise it to slender down the locations the place his spouse and Beth’s killer might be hiding? Or was he persuaded into creating it by the Council of Ricks? All that’s clear is that Rick C-137 was instrumental in creating each the Citadel and the Central Finite Curve, however he by no means actually cared about both. In time, he abandons the Citadel, and the Council as nicely.

Why Rick Returned To Beth And Morty

An angry Beth turns her back on Rick in Rick and Morty

After years of failed vengeance, empty creations, and an excellent additional descent into ingesting and self-loathing, Rick lastly hit all-time low. He traveled to a universe the place Beth and Diane survived and by which their Rick had deserted them, crashed his ship into the storage, and began dwelling with the household. That’s the universe the place Morty is from — the universe that was destroyed by the Cronenberg catastrophe in season 1 and subsequently deserted. Possibly the Rick of that universe was killed by Rick C-137. Or possibly he simply picked a random dimension to crash in.

Probably the most highly effective revelation about Rick within the Rick and Morty season 5 finale is how returning to Beth and discovering Morty finally saved him. The present’s early seasons are plagued by hints that Rick ceaselessly considers killing himself, and he even tries to a couple of times. However he finally finds sufficient motivation to maintain going by means of his relationship with the household he himself was robbed of. He usually appears callous, as a result of he’s seen so many Ricks, and Beths, and every little thing else, and since no different model of his household will ever be the identical as his. However possibly, in any case they undergo collectively within the Rick and Morty season 5 finale, the 2 characters may help one another develop a barely extra constructive and fewer abusive relationship because the present strikes ahead.

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How Rick’s Backstory Units Up Season 6

The ultimate episode of Rick and Morty season 5 dropped a bombshell on folks with the revelation of Rick’s backstory, and it could have an enormous impact on season 6. Whereas some have theorized that Rick’s backstory may not be visited once more within the context of the present, the arrival of the story not solely explains nearly all of Rick’s outlandish habits but additionally sheds mild on his progress as a personality. The key query is whether or not or not Rick C-137 will proceed looking down his spouse’s killer or if he is given up for good. As evidenced by Rick and Morty season 4, episode 2, “The Outdated Man and the Seat,” Rick would not take kindly to being slighted or bamboozled in any form or type, even when it is another person utilizing his sacred rest room. Rick has confirmed himself to be a worthy hunter in terms of discovering his goal, and he would not simply again down.

It is in Rick’s fruitless hunt for his spouse and Beth’s killer that he turns to drink and loses all motivation. Nonetheless, together with his reminiscence now jogged, maybe he’ll discover the motivation he so desperately must hold the hunt going. Rick and Morty season 6 may see a reinvigorated Rick, contemporary for searching for revenge, which the backstory revealed was his major motivation all alongside. All of that stated, the largest change can be seen in Rick and Morty’s relationship. Within the remaining episode of season 5, Rick exhibits super progress in selecting to save lots of Morty. It seems that a few of Morty’s optimism has rubbed off on his grandfather, and it is potential that the 2 would possibly see a revolution of their relationship. Both method, Rick C-137’s backstory is certain to have an effect on Rick and Morty season 6.

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